Contacting DLV

The best way (actually the only convenient way) to contact the DLV organizers and volunteers is via e-mail at:

If you have a particular question or concern that is not covered in the FAQ, you may either mail your question in or post it to the DLV Discussion Forum.

The Diva Las Vegas Discussion Forum appears both as a mailing list and as a web forum. This contains such things as questions and answers, discussion of activities, and personal thoughts and feelings regarding the upcoming event. To subscribe to the DLV Discussion Forum, send a brief message to: and state that you wish to subscribe. You may unsubscribe at any time. You may also view and post to this list via the web at: /mydlv/mainforum/viewforum.php?f=2

If you don't have e-mail or Internet access:

If you're shy about using your home or office e-mail for DLV, please be assured that we never give out our list members' addresses, period. If you're still concerned, you can easily sign up for a free additional e-mail account via Yahoo, Hotmail, or any of several others and use that for your DLV correspondence.