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Category 14: Visiting Las Vegas

I'm gonna be in Las Vegas soon. Do you have any recommendations on what I can do and places I can go?

Yes, we have our TG Guide to Las Vegas which is made from the collective experience of DLV over the many years. It gives general comments plus we have our Big List of recommended (and not so recommended) places, which includes customer ratings and comments.

Are there any regular gathering places for TGs in Las Vegas?

As of this writing there are no regular "hangouts" for TGs. Local and visiting TGs have been known to frequent several of the places under the "Bars and Nightlife" section of our Big List.

I'm looking for a safe place where I can hang out and just be myself for a while.

Any of the places showing a green light in the category "Bars and Nightlife" on our Big List should welcome you either in boymode or in girlmode.

What about the big Las Vegas casinos? Are these safe to go out to?

This, and related topics, is discussed in our TG Guide to Las Vegas .

How about those trendy nightclubs? Are TGs welcome at these?

Almost all of these are mainly the "mating territory" of straight, cisgender(ed) men and women who are under 40 years of age.

This topic is discussed in some depth in our TG Guide to Las Vegas .

I'm in need of a makeover, a wig, lingerie, shoes, clothing. Where can I go?

Please see our Big List for suggestions, and please pay attention to the stoplights, ratings, and comments on the firms you are interested in visiting.

Don't be shy! Anything with the green light on the Big List will welcome your patronage either in girlmode or boymode. They've seen it all before, countless times!

I'm wondering if there's going to be anyone else in town when I am and if they might want to get together and do the town?

Simply post a note in our Diva Las Vegas Discussion Forum explaining when you will be in town and what you are interested in doing. Please do this well in advance of your visit. Be sure to include your contact information.

Please be aware that postings of this type will be rejected if they even hint of a desire for anything more than casual, congenial companionship. (Yes, the Moderators know all of the code words.) :)

How should I dress when I go out in Las Vegas?

This topic is discussed briefly in our TG Guide to Las Vegas and several in-depth articles appear in our Dress Section.

The general rule of thumb is that your outfit should be age-appropriate and size-appropriate for you, as well as occasion-appropriate for the time, place, and circumstance of the activity at hand.

Uh, what if I'm interested in finding somebody and, well, you know, "hooking up"?

The topic of meeting potential partners, whether casual, long-term, or professional, is out of scope of our web site. Sorry.

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