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Category 15: MyDLV

What is MyDLV?

MyDLV is a collection of on-line applications, available to DLV attendees and prospective attendees, intended to facilitate a sense of community among our attendees and friends.

What's available to me with MyDLV?

Applications which are part of MyDLV include such things as the DLV Discussion Forum (replaces the retired Hypermail forum interface), Personal photo gallery (replaces the retired DLV People Gallery), "Chirping" (microblogging), similar to Twitter, personal MyDLV Blogs, friend mechanism, etc.

How do I join MyDLV?

It's easy! Surf here: https://divalas.vegas/mydlv/

How much does it cost to join MyDLV?

MyDLV is free for DLV attendees and prospective attendees.

How much space do I get for my photo gallery and blog postings?

Although quotas are built into the system, right now the policy is "Use it, don't abuse it!"

So what happened to all of the archived forum postings and back issues of the mailing list?

They are all in there. The DLV Discussion Forum has over 9000 postings going back to 2002. The mailing list archives are complete from the year 2000 up to the current issue.

What about such things as real-time chat?

It's available, but we have not deployed it yet. If there's a demonstrated demand for it, we can roll it out. Same goes for a number of other features.

I'm a total klutz with computers! Can I still set up a blog or gallery?

Very little technical knowledge is necessary to set up and manage either a MyDLV Blog or MyDLV Gallery. It's all point-and-click. If you get stuck, we'll help you.

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