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Category 12: Photos

What's your policy on photography?

The general rule is to be considerate of others and use courtesy and common sense.

Detailed photo guidelines will be sent in the Final Attendee Information to those who register.

Previous photo guidelines, subject to change, appear HERE.

I'm a reporter/photographer/writer/whatever and want to cover your event. What do I need to do?

Please understand that in almost all cases we will respectfully decline coverage, both from mainstream media and LGBT media. We are a private event and many of our attendees wish to maintain a low profile, both personally and in terms of the event as a whole.

If your publication is sexually oriented, we ask that you please not cover our event.

If you're interested please write a brief e-mail to DLV (dlv@divalas.vegas) and identify yourself and your publication(s), request a copy of our Media Guidelines, and explain what you want to write or publish.

Any coverage, if permitted, must be discreet and not distract from the climate of the event. We will insist on a signed standard release for any recognizable likenesses that are to be published.

We do not issue press passes, nor do we waive registration and Conditions Of Participation requirements for media representatives.

Please understand that reporters, photographers, writers, etc. who show up unannounced will be turned away. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

When will the photos of the latest event be posted?

It depends on a number of circumstances, but over the past several years, the follow-up pages for the current year's event have been placed on line in the fall of that year.

The photos from some activities may require an extra step of clearance, so they may or may not appear at the same time as the others are posted.

How can I tell if the photos of the latest event are on line?

Look in the "Past Years" section on the main DLV page. If the year of the latest event appears, the photos have been posted. If not, they have not. We will not tease you with a link that leads only to an "under construction" page.

An announcement will be made in our next general mailing after the current year's photos have been posted.

Why does this take so long?

First the photos have to be gathered. Some come in almost immediately, but others come in later, some by snailmail, and some in the form of prints, which have to be scanned. This typically takes 2-3 months.

The number of photos received has averaged over 2000 for the past few years. These are then reviewed, normalized for size, brightness, contrast, etc., edited if necessary, and placed on line in a temporary staging area.

Next we allow those who attended to review the photos and they may request removal of any photos in which they appear. We always allow at least two months for review and removal requests.

It's not until after the removal requests are in and processed that the follow-up pages can be composed and placed on line.

Your understanding and patience are appreciated.

I attended the last DLV. How can I preview the photos?

Read your e-mail. The instructions on how to preview and request photo removal were sent to you. If you lost or misplaced this, let us know and we will resend.

If you're sure you have not received this, write in and explain the circumstances. If you were not marked as "present" on our roster, you did not receive this.

Otherwise, look in your back e-mails. It's most likely there.

How do I request a particular photo to be removed?

For photos in the current year's staging area, simply view the photo full-size and click on the "REMOVE" button. The photo will not immediately disappear, but will not be present when the specific page contining the photo is regenerated, which will usually be within 24 hours.

For the photos in previous years' areas, please send us an e-mail with the COMPLETE EXACT URL OF THE PHOTO YOU WISH TO BE REMOVED.

To do this easily from most modern computers, view the photo in full size and copy-paste your browser's "location" bar into an e-mail to us.

Descriptions such as "the third photo from the left on the second row" are not adequate to process your request! Likewise, requests such as "remove all photos of me" are impossible to process. You must explicitly denote all photos you wish to be removed.

If the photo contains multiple people, please indicate which individual you are in each photo, as we may opt to crop you out, if possible, instead of remove the photo entirely.

What are the valid reasons for requesting a photo to be removed?

Anything! Including "I just don't like the way I look in that photo" and related reasons.

How many photos can I request to be removed?

Any reasonable number of photos in which your recognizable likeness appears.

Please note that unless there are extenuating circumstances, we will not remove the official posed group photos, nor will we blur faces or black out eyes.

How long does it take to process a removal request?

For the current year's staging area, usually within 24 hours. For existing follow-up pages, usually a few weeks.

Please expect your removal request to take considerably longer if terms such as "lawsuit", "lawyer", "legal action", "other action", etc. appear in your removal request. :)

I requested removal and the photos are still there!

Please remind us. E-mail is not a perfect medium. Humans make mistakes!

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