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Category 11: Volunteers

How do I volunteer to help out with Diva Las Vegas?

Simply send a brief e-mail to dlvorg@divalas.vegas and state that you wish to volunteer to help out.

Please include a summary of the exact areas in which you would like to help.

In what areas are you in need of help?

As you probably know, DLV operates entirely on volunteer help.

Our primary need is for volunteers to plan, coordinate, and assist with the various activities which make up the DLV event as a whole.

Over 99% of the effort that goes into making DLV happen has to do with the planning and implementation of activities.

Just as it is said that "Every Marine is a Rifleman" it can be said that "Every DLV volunteer is an activity coordinator."

How about the "behind the scenes" work such as setting up, working sound and lights, etc.?

There's very little set-up and tear-down associated with the Diva Las Vegas event as a whole. Our model is quite different from that of other TG events and as such, it makes these types of duties unnecessary.

There may be, however, some set-up and clean-up work associated with some of the activities, depending on exact circumstances. If this is your area of interest, please volunteer to assist those who will be coordinating those particular activities which need set-up and clean-up help. Yes, things like this count toward voting status.

As for such things as sound and lights, there will sometimes be a small number of activities at which self-produced performances will happen and you're welcome to volunteer to help out with these if this is your area of expertise.

What about photography? I work part time as a ... and I ...

You're welcome to volunteer your services if you wish. However we do not have any funds to cover professional or semi-pro photography.

Our events have always been well-covered by amateur photographers from within our attendee base. Some of these are quite prolific and quite talented.

Do volunteers get such things as free registration and free rooms?

Since we have no registration fee, yes, it can be truthfully said that all volunteers do get free registration! :)

Sorry, we do not have the means to reimburse volunteers for such things as rooms and other expenses.

Hey, I've got this dynamite idea about something I know the group would like to do!

This is EXACTLY what we are looking for!

Please, write in and detail your proposal. Send an e-mail to dlvorg@divalas.vegas and let us know what you have in mind.

But this idea is really far out, and it's never been done at any other TG event ever.

Again, this is EXACTLY what we are looking for!

I would really like to help, but I don't have a clue as to what to do. Can you still use me?

Of course! We'll match you up with one or more of our veteran volunteers who can use your assistance and will "show you the ropes" so to speak.

I'm quite shy of such things as cold-calling vendors. Can I still help?

Yes, most definitely. We'll find something for you which will require no up-front public contact, or we'll match you with somebody who will handle that part of your activity.

What is "voting status" and how is this attained?

The DLV volunteers of voting status are those who make the decisions which cannot be made by consensus.

A volunteer who is on record as coordinating or assisting with at least one DLV activity during the past two annual DLV events is of voting status.

Most Big Sister volunteers also qualify for voting status.

Are there any volunteer duties which do not count toward voting status?

The support positions which are not connected to any DLV activities do not count toward voting status. These are duties such as the check-in hosts/hostesses, coordinators of various "pet projects", greeters, and formerly the volunteer drivers.

However, most of those involved in these non-qualifying positions are also involved in one or more activities as well, so most of them do qualify by virtue of those activities.

Am I allowed to volunteer if I haven't attended DLV yet?

Yes, with some reservations and understandings.

We'll most likely want volunteers who have never attended before to be matched up with veteran volunteers who can use their assistance. However, we have on occasion had first-year volunteers act as the primary coordinator of various activities. It all depends on the circumstances.

Who, exactly, is in charge of Diva Las Vegas? Who really calls the shots?

The highest level of decision-making within Diva Las Vegas falls upon the Diva Las Vegas Organizers' Group, often abbreviated DLVORG. DLVORG is comprised of those who have stepped forward and volunteered to coordinate and implement the various activities that make up the DLV event as a whole. The DLVORG members who are of voting status are those who are on record as coordinating or assisting with at least one DLV activity during at least one of the previous two DLV events.

In other words, it's those who do the work who make the decisions. That's the way it should be.

Certain administrative positions within DLVORG are recognized:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Corresponding Secretary
  3. Systems Administrator
  4. Big Sister Coordinator

Project Manager is a rotational position. This person or team oversees the planning of the next annual DLV event and chairs the DLVORG group. Other positions are elected by DLVORG upon their vacancy, and the duties should be obvious from their titles.

An Administrative Committee, a subgroup of DLVORG, handles any business which is not directly related to an activity. This consists of the named administrative individuals above plus two at-large elected members.

The "minutes" of DLVORG, actually the mailing list archives, are open to the public. They are posted in plain sight on this web site. If you look for them, you will find them. :)

How are the various leadership positions within DLV filled?

The named administrative positions, elected seats on the Administrative Committee, and various other positions are filled from the ranks of volunteers of voting status. These will often be by election, but appointments by consensus or acclamation are occasionally made.

Beginning in 2016 a "Vote Of Confidence" is held annually among the volunteers on all individuals who hold named leadership positions.

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