LOGO Frequently Asked Questions

Category 4: Lodging

Where is everybody staying? Is there an official or host hotel?

Unlike most other TG community events, Diva Las Vegas is not centered around a hotel.

We always suggest one or more hotels for our attendees.

Use the "Hotel" link on the main page for information about our suggested hotel(s) for the next event.

We make these suggestions for those who want to know where DLV people have stayed in the past and received good service, and for those who want to be around others from the group.

There is no requirement that you stay in our suggested hotels, you may stay anywhere you wish.

In the past, our people have stayed at many Strip and off-Strip places and some of the smaller places, all without any problems.

But there's this other hotel which is just as nice. Why don't you add it to your list?

One of the primary purposes of our sugggested hotels is for those who want or need to be in the proximity of other DLV attendees. For this reason, we want to limit the number of hotels we suggest so that any of our suggested hotels will have a meaningful number of our attendees.

Please feel free to use our Discussion Forum to recommend your favorite hotel to others who will be attending.

Are any discount, promotional or group hotel rates available.

In recent years, group rates have been available at our primary suggested hotel.

These will usually sell out and may or may not be available at any given time.

See the mailings for announcements regarding group hotel rates.

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