LOGO Frequently Asked Questions

Category 3: Activities

What are some of the activities that are planned?

For our upcoming events, summary schedules are regularly published in the mailings as they are developed.

Here's a list of activities which have happened at recent events:

Ideas for new and different activities are always in the works.
How many meals are included?

Since there is no registration fee, no meals are pre-paid prior to the event.

Several group meals are planned, some in reserved areas, some in mainstream public facilities. All are optional. Sign-up is required for some of these, and the details are announced in the mailings.

What if I want to attend religious services when I'm in Las Vegas?

We've had groups of DLV participants attend services for several years.

See our schedule of activities and mailing list for details.

How do I sign up for golf?

You sign up for golf (as well as most other optional activities) at activity sign-up time. Details on activity sign-up appear in the regular mailings.

You must be a registered DLV attendee to play golf with the group.

What do I do if I want to sign up for golf and nothing else?

You'll be missing quite a bit, but yes, that's fine if that's what you want to do. Register as usual, select the golf day as both your arrival and departure dates, and check only the golf box when you sign up for activities.

When will the activity locations be announced?

The Final Attendee Information (previously known as the "Large Final Mailing"), which will be sent to all registered attendees during the week prior to DLV will contain a very detailed schedule containing locations of the activities, exactly where in the venue to meet the group, etc.

On the final detailed schedule, you will be able to "drill down" to location information and a map of exactly where the location of any activity is.

The Final Attendee Information will include information on who to contact if you get lost or can't locate the group.

But can I get a list of activity locations just in case I decide to show up?

No, it doesn't work that way, sorry.

You will need to register in order to receive this information. We will not be admitting unannounced walk-ins to our activities, sorry.

I've been told that all you do at Diva Las Vegas is eat and drink and you don't do any of the "fun" stuff. What's the story?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Whoever says this is badly misinformed.

Yes, we have several meals planned. Everybody has to eat. We also have social gatherings at which adult beverages are served, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Our event consists of a rich schedule of daytime and evening activities of all types, including "touristy" things, "outdoorsy" things, entertainment options, shopping, side trips and much more. Review the photos from the past years for examples of what you can expect.

Why don't the public working schedules show activity locations?

Sorry if this appears blunt, but those who are not registered for our event do not have a need to know the locations.

Activity locations, including maps, parking hints, etc., are given out to those registered for the event.

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