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Who sponsors Diva Las Vegas?

Diva Las Vegas has no formal organization or sponsorship. It is simply a group of individuals who agree to get together at more or less the same place at more or less the same time to enjoy the same activities and each other's company.

Is Diva Las Vegas affiliated with any other TG events?

Not really. Pinkfest, which happens in Chicago each October, was started by some of the same people who first envisioned DLV. It is, like DLV, a vacation and not a convention, but there is no official affiliation.

Is Las Vegas really that "TG-friendly" and safe?

With very rare exception, those who are TG are valued customers at most establishments in Las Vegas that are open to the public.

Our participants have gone shopping in local malls and shops, gaming in various casinos, gone to various tourist attractions, attended production shows, etc., with very few problems or incidents.

If you go looking for trouble, however, you are certain to find it, as you will in any location under any set of circumstances.

As long as you dress and act as a lady or gentleman, use common sense, and don't push things, you should have little or no difficulty in Las Vegas.

What about handicapped facilities?

All hotels, casinos, restaurants, shops, etc., provide reserved handicapped parking. Most of the larger hotels will provide special rooms with wide doors, handrails, etc. if requested.

Most of the major casinos will have wheelchair-accessible table and machine games.

Will there be any vendors there? Are there any shops in the area that cater to TG people?

Since we're a vacation and not a convention, we won't have any exhibits or vendor hall.

However, as far as "vendors" you can patronize, there will be the entire Las Vegas business community!

Occasionally, merchants and vendors will invite our business and hold "Open House" sessions for our attendees.

In addition, there may be merchants and service providers attending DLV and offering their products and services for sale.

Most of the mainstream businesses in Las Vegas will welcome your business in either mode. Some have explicitly invited DLV attendees to shop in their facilities, and some offer promotions and discounts to our people.

Our Big List has merchants and vendors of all types who will welcome your business.

I don't know anybody else who's going. I feel a bit uneasy, kind of like I'm not going to be part of the "club"

It's normal to be concerned about this when getting together with any group of people you do not already know. Please be assured that those who attend Diva Las Vegas are very outgoing, very inclusive, and not in any way snobby or cliquish. Most of the people attending were at one time in exactly this situation themselves.

If you're new and don't know any of the others, our volunteers will be happy to introduce you around to the others.

What's this I keep hearing, something about a 7-11?

This refers to an amusing (but embarrassing at the time) incident in which one young lady received a coming-out baptism-by-fire when nature called. Nobody was hurt or hassled, and she will have a very interesting story to tell to her grandchildren. No doubt this tale will be recalled at this year's event. Everybody involved laughs about it now!

And what about Galiano {sic} ?

Yeah, what about it? :)

I'm a vendor, can I come and try to sell my stuff to your people?

You're welcome to attend, just as anybody else is. Please keep in mind we are a vacation, not a convention. We won't have any seminars or vendor hall, and we don't have any space for you to set up and do your thing.

Before you make plans to attend as a vendor, please look very carefully at this site and at this FAQ so you can be sure you know what you are getting into.

You won't have as much of a captive audience as you will at the traditional TG conventions, since we encourage our people to get out and shop locally.

Also please be aware that Clark County has strict tax and permit requirements for itinerant merchants. You (not us) will be responsible for seeking and jumping through the necessary hoops in order to legally do business in Clark County, Nevada. (One particular note is that DLV does not qualify as a "convention" or "trade show" at which the tax and permit requirements are waived for occasional sales.)

If you plan to be offering professional services such as makeovers, hairstyling, electrolysis, nails/manicures, etc., please be aware that these services are regulated by the State of Nevada, and you (not us) will be responsible for researching the requirements and jumping through the necessary hoops in order to legally practice your profession while attending DLV.

I don't have Internet access and I am serious about attending. What are my options?

Diva Las Vegas is highly dependent on the Internet, for information, registration, etc.

You have two options:

  1. Use a public-access terminal, such as in public libraries or Kinkos shops, and a free e-mail account on a service such as Hotmail or Yahoo. This has actually worked quite well for a few people.

  2. Find a person with Internet access to act as go-between and print out such things as the FAQ and the weekly mailings and give them to you. This person can then fill in the registration screen for you.

Since you are either reading this on the web, or from a hardcopy that somebody printed out, one of the above options should be within your reach, if you are indeed serious about attending.

If you are shy about using your usual home or office e-mail account for DLV, sign up for a free web-access e-mail account through such a thing as Hotmail or Yahoo. It's easy, discreet, and free.

Sorry, we do not offer registration via postal mail or voice telephone.

Since no money changes hands for DLV registration, registering on the web, either by yourself using public facilities or by using a go-between will work fine.

I'm curious about how the weather will be in Las Vegas during DLV.

For DLV 2021, which is happening in late October, expected highs are in the low to mid 70s with lows in the low 50s.

For our usual spring events ...

It varies quite a bit. Usually dry, highs in the 80's, lows in 60's, sometimes even high 50's. It can be over 100, though. It does not rain that often, but when it does, it POURS!

Nights may be cool, but are very seldom cold. Sweater weather, not overcoat weather. :)

In most cases, you will probably not need a jacket or sweater except on the casino floor. :)

Bringing a small umbrella is recommended just in case.

What warnings, cautions, and suggestions do you have?

We're not trying to scare anybody off, but there are a few things gathered from over the years that you should make note of.

Please be VERY careful if you're tempted to use any of the various "adult" services such as escort agencies, outcall entertainers, etc. These businesses advertise heavily, but often operate outside of or just within the law and are poorly regulated. Incidents of assault and attempted robbery have occured when dealing with these people.

Do not open your hotel room door unless you are absolutely sure who it is. Do not even crack it, even if there is a security chain. If you are not expecting anybody, did not phone room service, houskeeping, maintenance, etc., do not open the door, but phone your hotel's security department.

If you're thinking of coming to DLV with the intention of picking up some extra spending money by engaging in blatantly illegal activities such as dealing drugs or practicing the world's oldest profession, STAY AWAY! Those activities are not welcome at DLV. That's not what DLV is all about. Never has been, never will be.

If you come to DLV with the expectation that you (or your group) will be the center of attention, you will be disappointed. No person or group, even the organizers and long-timers, acts in this role.

DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! Sobriety checkpoints occur occasionally on weekend nights.

Avoid appearing in mainstream public settings in any manner of dress that might be too attention-getting or provocative.

Don't overdress! Casual is the norm for daytime wear in Las Vegas, and is common in the evening as well. Dress to blend into the crowd. Save that glitzy evening gown for the night we go to the showroom.

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