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Suggested Hotel for Diva Las Vegas 2022


Our suggested hotel for Diva Las Vegas 2022 is the Flamingo.

The Flamingo is a very large long-standing midscale hotel-casino located right in the heart of the center Strip area. DLV attendees have used the Flamingo ever since 1998 and no issues have been reported.

As of this writing, the Flamingo is one of the least expensive of all major hotels in the Center Strip area.

On-site Diva Las Vegas event check-in (including name tag / holder distribution) will be available at the Flamingo during designated hours on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of DLV week.

Web site: Main Flamingo web site

Special rates for DLV 2022 attendees at Flamingo

The room rate special for DLV 2022 attendees has expired, sorry.

The hotel suggestions for DLV 2022 are just that, suggestions. There's no requirement that you stay in our suggested hotels.

In the event that the Flamingo does not meet your needs, please check out the Casino-Hotel and Non-gaming Hotel sections on our Big List for other possibilities.

Please consider when selecting your hotel:

Be sure to be aware of your "total cost of ownership" of your hotel room when selecting a hotel for Diva Las Vegas! There are known, not so well known, and consequential costs in addition to the posted nightly rates.

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