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Suggested Hotels for Diva Las Vegas 2019

(Updated February 1, 2019)

We make hotel suggestions primarily for those who are unfamiliar with Las Vegas hotels, those unsure of which hotels are TG-friendly, and those wishing to stay in the immediate proximity of other DLV attendees.

The hotel suggestions for DLV 2019 are just that, suggestions. There's no requirement that you stay in our suggested hotels.

Although all have been known to provide good service and to treat members of our group the same as all other guests, there are no guarantees of attitude or satisfaction.

In the event that none of the suggestions on this page meet your needs, please check out the Casino-Hotel and Non-gaming Hotel sections on our Big List for other possibilities.

Please consider when selecting your hotel:

Be sure to be aware of your "total cost of ownership" of your hotel room when selecting a hotel for Diva Las Vegas! There are known, not so well known, and consequential costs in addition to the posted nightly rates.

  • Please do not be "penny-wise and pound-foolish" if selecting a lower-priced hotel which is located far away from where the majority of the DLV attendees are staying. This is of particular importance if you will be needing transportation to DLV activities. The additional transportation costs (taxi, etc.) can easily negate the savings of staying in a bottom-dollar hotel.

  • When comparing rates, please consider that most Las Vegas hotels, include a mandatory "Resort Fee" ranging from a few dollars per night, to several dollars per night. Be aware of all taxes, fees, incdental charges, etc., which add to the cost of your room.

  • Almost all downtown and Strip area hotels now charge for guest parking. This has been a recently-added fee. The parking fee is often waived for members of the hotel's players club who have attained a certain level.

    For Flamingo and Paris, those who have Total Rewards standing at the Platinum level or above have complimentary guest parking.

    One recently-added benefit is that veterans of US armed forces can obtain platinum status and a specially-marked players card by visiting any Total Rewards desk with documented proof of service and requesting such status and card.

  • Although our hotel suggestions are presented in good faith, there are no guarantees of satisfaction or comfort. Diva Las Vegas organizers and volunteers are not responsible for hotel services or lack of same, or for any actions of hotel staff or guests.

The following hotels are suggested for DLV 2019 attendees:

  • Flamingo (primary suggested hotel)
  • Alexis Park
  • Four Queens
  • Paris
Details on each of our hotel appears immediately below.
Flamingo: (primary suggested hotel)

We anticipate that the Flamingo will draw the largest contingent of DLV 2019 attendees. We suggest the Flamingo, primarily, for those who want to be among other DLVers and for those who wish to share rides.

The Flamingo is a very large long-standing midscale hotel-casino located right in the heart of the center Strip area. DLV attendees have used the Flamingo ever since 1998 and no issues have been reported.

The Flamingo is our strong suggestion for DLV 2019 attendees who wish to share rides to DLV activities with others.

As of this writing, the Flamingo is the least expensive of all major hotels in the Center Strip area.

On-site Diva Las Vegas event check-in (including name tag / holder distribution) will be available at the Flamingo during designated hours on Sunday and Monday of DLV week.

Web site: Main Flamingo web site


The Paris is a very large upscale hotel-casino located just south of the "Four Corners" Flamingo-Strip intersection.

The Paris was the first major Strip hotel to actively invite LGBT business.

The Paris is very nice, but not cheap! It also tends to be crowded, particularly on the weekends. Countless shops and eateries grace the property. The Eiffel Tower is a major attraction and offers a spectacular view of the Strip!

The Paris is within a fairly reasonable walking distance to the Flamingo, which is also a DLV 2019 suggested hotel. This allows convenient ride sharing with others.

One caveat: Although the Paris promises that their staff will be TG-friendly, this is a very large casino-hotel and tends to be crowded at times.

Web site: Main Paris web site

Alexis Park

The Alexis Park is a low-key non-gaming low-rise off-strip hotel located about a mile east of the Las Vegas Strip.

Alexis Park is specifically suggested for DLVers who do not wish to transit a busy hotel lobby and casino.

Over the years, the Alexis Park has become a popular under-the-radar hideaway for celebrities who wish to spend time relaxing out of the spotlight.

Alexis Park was used for one of our mid-size gatherings in 2009 and is known for being LGBT-friendly. DLVers have stayed at the Alexis Park off and on since the early 2000s with no reported issues.

The Alexis Park is not recommended for those who will not be driving a vehicle and do not have pre-arranged rides to DLV activities.

As of this writing there is no charge for parking at the Alexis Park.

Web site: Alexis Park web site
Four Queens:

The Four Queens is a large long-standing legacy downtown Las Vegas hotel casino.

Very attractive rates have been reported at the Four Queens for the DLV dates.

This particular suggestion is intended for those who wish to take advantage of the lower hotel rates in the downtown area and for those who specifically enjoy the downtown atmosphere.

The Four Queens is not recommended for those who will not be driving a vehicle and do not have pre-arranged rides to DLV activities.

As of this writing the Four Queens does NOT impose a Resort Fee. However, hotels have been known to adopt such fees at very short notice.

Web site: Four Queens web site

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