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Category 7: Dress

Can I really go out dressed in Las Vegas?

Well, since Las Vegas has a law against public nudity, you have to. <bfg>

Seriously, everyone attending is free to dress according to their own desire, style, and comfort level, within the bounds of what's usual and customary to be worn, of course. Some of the participants remain in one mode or the other throughout the affair. Some choose to be in one mode for some activities, and the other for some.

We ask that when you're with the group, you dress appropriate to the occasion and activity, and act as a lady or gentleman, whichever you prefer at the time.

Is there any dress code for Diva Las Vegas? What should I plan to bring to wear?

We ask that you dress in a presentable manner, in good taste, and in a manner appropriate to the activity at hand, while with the group. We also ask that you refrain from dressing or acting in a manner intended to flaunt transgenderism or in a manner intended primarily to attract attention.

Either girlmode or boymode dress is fine for most DLV activities.

Casual to moderately dressy attire, either boymode or girlmode, is acceptable at most DLV activities.

Casual attire is required for some activities such as shopping and side trips.

Dressy and formal attire is encouraged for some of our more upscale evening activities.

More exotic attire is appropriate and encouraged at some designated activities.

General dress guidelines as well as specific dress suggestions for each activity will be sent to those who register.

More specific discussions on what to bring, and what to wear for the various activities occur in the Diva Las Vegas Mailing List and in the Discussion Forum.

A collection of the dress-related articles from over the years now appears HERE.

What do you suggest I do if I want to attend but I've never been out in public before?

You will be welcome to participate either as "brother" or "sister" (or both) depending on your preference.

If you wish, you will be free to transition from one mode to the other at a time that will be primarily determined by your own comfort level. You might plan your big "coming out" to be at a time such as an evening at a club that is known to be T-friendly. Several of those attending will be willing to help you as needed, and will give you feedback as to what you should do, and what may or may not be appropriate.

This year we will have some volunteer "Big Sisters" who will be able to coach and help if necessary.

Play it by ear. You will know when you're ready to appear in public.

Are changing facilities available?

Our activities are held in many locations throughout the Las Vegas area and in most cases, changing facilities are not available at our activity locations.

If you require changing facilities, post a note in the Discussion Forum explaining the circumstances and most likely somebody will have a solution for you.

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