LOGO Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ entry 8.01:

About how much does it cost to attend DLV?

It depends.

The major expenses for most DLV attendees are travel expenses and lodging expenses.

The cost of hotel rooms in Las Vegas varies from $0 to several hundred dollars per night, depending on such things as location, availability, and the phase of the moon.

Prices for our suggested hotels are discussed in the mailing list and on the DLV Discussion Forum.

People who regularly play at any of the major casinos can often arrange for reduced-rate or complimentary accommodations.

Any midscale Strip hotel will have meals priced well within the budget of anyone staying there. Almost any casino will serve complimentary drinks (alcoholic or non) to those playing any table or machine game.

Air fare to McCarran Airport in Las Vegas is usually available in the $200-$300 range from most major airports in the US, if booked in advance and if peak travel periods are avoided. The key word here is ADVANCE.

Shuttle service from the airport to major strip hotels is frequent and reasonably-priced.

Rental cars are usually available in the $35-ish per day range.

If you are on a tight budget, see the question and answer below.

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