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FAQ entry 5.04:

I've never taken a taxi in girlmode before. What's the procedure, etiquette, etc.?

At the main entrances of all major hotels there will be a taxi stand. Look for a sign saying "Taxi Line", "For taxi wait here", or something similar. Usually this will be very obvious. If you can't find it, tell the doorkeeper that you need a taxi. Taxis will be picking up and dropping off guests at all major hotels during all hours.

Join the taxi line at the rear, or step to the front of the taxi stand if there is no line. Taxis will usually be waiting in a staging area. You may have to signal by raising your finger to indicate that you need a taxi. Often times the doorkeeper will blow a whistle to indicate to waiting taxis that a rider is ready. If no taxis are ready, wait a while. Taxis drop off and pick up at all major hotels regularly.

If you're shy about using your voice to tell the taxi driver or the doorkeeper where you want to go, write out the address in large letters on a piece of paper and hand it to the driver or to the doorkeeper when you are asked where you want to go.

Instructions on what to tell a taxi driver to get to our various activities will appear on the detailed final schedule. ("Bellagio, and step on it!") :)

It is usually not necessary to tip the doorkeeper for simply whistling to a taxi for you, but if the door staff assists you with luggage or something significant, yes, a tip is appropriate.

A taxi driver depends on tips to supplement his/her income, so it will be highly unusual for a driver to remark about your appearance or manner of dress.

At the destination, the total fare will be clearly indicated on the taxi meter. A tip (15% - 20% or so) is expected, but is not legally required. If the service was good, a tip should be given. If the driver made any derogatory comments to you, drove recklessly, or was in any way a jerk, feel free to pay the total on the meter only.

Please note that in Las Vegas, taxis are to pick up only at designated taxi stands or from a radio call. They are not supposed to respond to a "hail" on the street, although they sometimes will.

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