LOGO Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ entry 2.05:

Are spouses, significant others, and children welcome at Diva Las Vegas?

Spouses and SO's of age 21 or older are most welcome to attend and to participate with the group.

As for kids, very few DLV activities will be appropriate for, or of interest to those of teenage years or younger.

Some of the hotels do have activities geared for those through the mid teens. Some hotels still have a video arcade area. Some theme parks and areas, including rides, games, etc., are available on the Strip, but many of these have been shut down within the past several years.

Most of the larger hotels and resorts will have a sitter service available.

Please be aware, however, that some hotels that cater to adults will have certain not-so-subtle practices to discourage bringing kids, such as counting each child of any age for room occupancy, making all persons of all ages in the buffet line pay full price, prohibiting strollers on the property, etc. Please ask about things like this when you make reservations if you will be bringing younger children.

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