LOGO Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ entry 16.08:

I'm a vendor, can I come and try to sell my stuff to your people?

You're welcome to attend, just as anybody else is. Please keep in mind we are a vacation, not a convention. We won't have any seminars or vendor hall, and we don't have any space for you to set up and do your thing.

Before you make plans to attend as a vendor, please look very carefully at this site and at this FAQ so you can be sure you know what you are getting into.

You won't have as much of a captive audience as you will at the traditional TG conventions, since we encourage our people to get out and shop locally.

Also please be aware that Clark County has strict tax and permit requirements for itinerant merchants. You (not us) will be responsible for seeking and jumping through the necessary hoops in order to legally do business in Clark County, Nevada. (One particular note is that DLV does not qualify as a "convention" or "trade show" at which the tax and permit requirements are waived for occasional sales.)

If you plan to be offering professional services such as makeovers, hairstyling, electrolysis, nails/manicures, etc., please be aware that these services are regulated by the State of Nevada, and you (not us) will be responsible for researching the requirements and jumping through the necessary hoops in order to legally practice your profession while attending DLV.

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