LOGO Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ entry 12.07:

How do I request a particular photo to be removed?

For photos in the current year's staging area, simply view the photo full-size and click on the "REMOVE" button. The photo will not immediately disappear, but will not be present when the specific page contining the photo is regenerated, which will usually be within 24 hours.

For the photos in previous years' areas, please send us an e-mail with the COMPLETE EXACT URL OF THE PHOTO YOU WISH TO BE REMOVED.

To do this easily from most modern computers, view the photo in full size and copy-paste your browser's "location" bar into an e-mail to us.

Descriptions such as "the third photo from the left on the second row" are not adequate to process your request! Likewise, requests such as "remove all photos of me" are impossible to process. You must explicitly denote all photos you wish to be removed.

If the photo contains multiple people, please indicate which individual you are in each photo, as we may opt to crop you out, if possible, instead of remove the photo entirely.

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