LOGO Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ entry 11.03:

How about the "behind the scenes" work such as setting up, working sound and lights, etc.?

There's very little set-up and tear-down associated with the Diva Las Vegas event as a whole. Our model is quite different from that of other TG events and as such, it makes these types of duties unnecessary.

There may be, however, some set-up and clean-up work associated with some of the activities, depending on exact circumstances. If this is your area of interest, please volunteer to assist those who will be coordinating those particular activities which need set-up and clean-up help. Yes, things like this count toward voting status.

As for such things as sound and lights, there will sometimes be a small number of activities at which self-produced performances will happen and you're welcome to volunteer to help out with these if this is your area of expertise.

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