LOGO Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ entry 10.18:

I got spam which gave one of the Diva Las Vegas e-mail addresses as that of the sender.

Unfortunately, e-mail sender address falsification is easy to do and is very common among spammers. It is highly unlikely that the spam you received actually originated from or transited through any of our e-mail systems.

If you sincerely believe that any spam e-mail actually came from our e-mail system, please forward the offending message(s) with the complete header lines intact to: abuse@divalas.vegas

We have volunteers who are active in the anti-spam community and we will check your report thoroughly.

To better tell what did and did not actually originate from our e-mail systems, our legitimate e-mail will almost never contain any file attachments or any embedded graphics. If it appeared to come from DLV and has a file attached to it, it's most likely something very nasty which was sent to you without our approval.

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