LOGO Frequently Asked Questions

This is the complete DLV Frequently Asked Questions list.

If this is your first time reading this, you will probably want to start at the beginning of the answer section and read thoroughly. You may also click on any question.

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7: Dress

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What is Diva Las Vegas?

Diva Las Vegas is the name given to a get-together of members of the transgender community, and their friends and guests, which historically has usually happened in the spring, but has been shifted to the fall, at least for 2021-2024, due to the complications of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It began as an in-real-life meeting of those who had gotten to know each other on the Internet. As the name implies, this happens in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

What do you do at Diva Las Vegas?

We spend a few days just being ourselves and take in the sights and activities of Las Vegas.

We have many organized activities throughout the event.

There's also shopping, dining, shows, clubs, sightseeing, socializing, and, of course, gaming. Read on for some examples of what you can expect.

What's the difference between Diva Las Vegas and other events such as Fantasia Fair, Be-All, Southern Comfort, etc.?

Diva Las Vegas is a vacation, not a convention.

Diva Las Vegas is not based on the model used for almost all of the other major TG gatherings.

Some of the differences between Diva Las Vegas and the others include:

When does this happen?

Dates for DLV 2024 are Sunday, September 29 thru Friday, October 4.

These dates may be considered final.

How long has this been going on?

The event we know as Diva Las Vegas began in 1997. This year (2024) will be our 27th. annual event!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no event was held in 2020.

What do I need to do if I want more information?

We have a mailing list (e-mail) for those interested in attending the event. To join this mailing list, simply send e-mail to dlv@divalas.vegas

You can also join in on the chit-chat on the DLV Discussion Forum on the web.

When you submit your e-mail address to this list, it will be used for this list and this list only. It will be kept confidential and will not be given out to third parties. You will not receive any unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam) by joining this list.

Is Diva Las Vegas a sexually-oriented event?

No. Never has been, never will be.

Diva Las Vegas is a social event for members of the TG community and their friends and guests. It is not sexually oriented.

But what about all of those wild parties I keep hearing about?

That's somebody else trying to ride our coat tails. We have nothing to do with that. If it doesn't appear on our schedule, it's not part of DLV.

Does Diva Las Vegas occur at the same exact time each year?

No, our yearly schedule is not fixed as to a certain week within a certain month or anything like that. There are too many variables and too many unknowns to make this possible.

By precedent, DLV has always happened in the spring. The exact dates of each DLV event are set several months in advance by a vote of the active volunteers.

Due to the lingering Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, the timing of the event was shifted to the fall. This timing (annual event in the fall) has been continued through 2024 seasons as well.

If the timing of the event is to be shifted back to the original spring timeframe, it will be a decision of the volunteers of voting status, guided by the survey responses of the attendees of record.

What is the exact, correct name of this event?

The correct name of our event is:

"Diva Las Vegas"

Three words.

"Diva" Singular, non-possessive, four letters, no "s" at all.

"Las Vegas" Two words, both capitalized. No "o" at all anywhere in our name.

No apostrophe anywhere in our name!

"Of" does not appear in the name of the event at all. Neither does "the", and we don't prefix it with "A" to get the top listing in the phone book. :)

The name was intended as a word play on the Elvis' Viva Las Vegas song and film title. It's often shortened to "DLV" or just "Diva" at times.

What have the attendance totals been over the years?

Keeping in mind that the totals between 1998 and 2001 are approximate since we did not have a formal registration and check-in process, here are the numbers we have:

1997: 5
1998: 16
1999: 35
2000: 50
2001: 65
2002: 88
2003: 104
2004: 118
2005: 126
2006: 118
2007: 136
2008: 176
2009: 149
2010: 179
2011: 169
2012: 155
2013: 166
2014: 156
2015: 133
2016: 140
2017: 142
2018: 134
2019: 132
2020: (no event)
2021: 152
2022: 136
2023: 113

What were the dates of previous DLV events?

Dates of our events in past years are:

1997: Friday, May 9 - Sunday, May 11
1998: Friday, May 8 - Monday, May 11
1999: Friday, May 14 - Tuesday, May 18
2000: Thursday, May 11 - Tuesday, May 16 
2001: Wednesday, May 2 - Monday, May 7
2002: Tuesday, April 30 - Sunday, May 5
2003: Tuesday, April 22 - Sunday, April 27
2004: Sunday, May 2 - Saturday, May 8
2005: Sunday, April 24 - Saturday, April 30
2006: Monday, April 17 - Sunday, April 23
2007: Monday, April 23 - Saturday, April 28
2008: Monday, April 21 - Saturday, April 26
2009: Monday, May 11 - Saturday, May 16
2010: Sunday, April 18 - Friday, April 23
2011: Sunday, April 3 - Friday, April 8
2012: Sunday, April 22 - Friday, April 27
2013: Sunday, April 14 - Friday, April 19
2014: Sunday, March 30 - Friday, April 4
2015: Sunday, March 22 - Friday, March 27
2016: Monday, March 28 - Saturday, April 2
2017: Sunday, March 26 - Friday, March 31
2018: Sunday, April 15 - Friday, April 20
2019: Sunday, March 31 - Friday, April 5
2020: (no event)
2021: Tuesday, October 26 - Monday, November 1
2022: Sunday, October 23 - Friday, October 28
2023: Sunday, October 22 - Friday, October 27

What if I have a question which is not covered by this FAQ?

There are two ways of asking questions or expressing concerns.

For the fastest answer or response, post a brief message in the Diva Las Vegas Discussion Forum. This is the suggested method if you require a quick response or if your question or concern may be of interest to others.

If you're uneasy asking your question in a public forum, you may e-mail: dlv@divalas.vegas with your question or concern. Please allow several days at minimum for a response. Also, please understand that well over 90% of the questions we receive by e-mail are already answered in this FAQ, so please don't get upset if the reply you receive is to look in a particular section of this FAQ.

How do I register and does it cost anything to register?

There is no cost to register. See section 8 (costs) in this FAQ.

I'm F to M, am I still welcome?

Most definitely, sir! :)

I'm under 21 years of age, can I still attend?

No. There are a number of resources available for TG teens, but Diva Las Vegas is not one of them, sorry.

But didn't you once allow 18-20 year olds to attend?

Yes we did, and in all cases those of age 18-20 could not fully participate due to age restrictions at several of our venues.

Since all who were 18-20 years of age when they attended are now over 21, this policy is entirely forward-looking at this time.

Las Vegas is really a "21 and over" town, and it's unfair to invite individuals to join us only to have to tell them that they will only be able to partially participate.

Are spouses, significant others, and children welcome at Diva Las Vegas?

Spouses and SO's of age 21 or older are most welcome to attend and to participate with the group.

As for kids, very few DLV activities will be appropriate for, or of interest to those of teenage years or younger.

Some of the hotels do have activities geared for those through the mid teens. Some hotels still have a video arcade area. Some theme parks and areas, including rides, games, etc., are available on the Strip, but many of these have been shut down within the past several years.

Most of the larger hotels and resorts will have a sitter service available.

Please be aware, however, that some hotels that cater to adults will have certain not-so-subtle practices to discourage bringing kids, such as counting each child of any age for room occupancy, making all persons of all ages in the buffet line pay full price, prohibiting strollers on the property, etc. Please ask about things like this when you make reservations if you will be bringing younger children.

When I get to Las Vegas, how do I "check in" and make contact with the group?

Check-in is very simple. You may check in at any activity marked "Check-In Available" on our final schedule. One of our volunteers will greet you, mark you as present, and ask if you have any questions or concerns.

Name tags (and tag holders for those who pre-printed their tags) will be available at any activity marked "Name Tags Available" on our final schedule.

If you're new to DLV, one of our volunteers will greet you and introduce you around to the others in the group.

The times and locations of the various activities, along with directions and instructions for locating the group, will be given to those who register. Local contact phone numbers will be given to those who register so there will be no concern about failing to make contact or losing contact.

What is the deadline for registration?

The deadline for registration will usually be 2-3 days before the start date of the event.

There may be other deadlines and cutoffs, such as for sign-up for some of the popular activities, and these will be announced in the mailings.

Please note that you must register to attend DLV. Unannounced "walk-ins" and "she's with me" tag-alongs will not be admitted.

What's your policy on admirers? Are admirers welcome?

Yes, admirers are welcome. We've always been open to anybody who identifies with the theme of DLV, and who agrees to behave as a lady or a gentleman (or both).

Speaking freely, admirers do have a reputation of coming on very strong, and it is this behavior, not the mere fact that they are admirers, that makes them unwelcome at some TG gatherings.

We have had admirers, both male and female, attend DLV over the years with no issues whatsoever.

Anyone of any gender, orientation, and persuasion will most likely be welcome at DLV as long as they behave appropriately and respect the others who will be present.

Please see our Admirers Guide to DLV for further discussion.

Do I still have to register if I only want to do 1 or 2 activities with the group?

Yes, you do.

We're asking all people who want to participate in any DLV activities to please register. It's free, simple, quick, painless, discreet, and spam-free.

But {so and so} said I really don't have to register.

{So and so} is wrong.

But what if I just want to hang around, and not do any activities?

We're still asking you to please register. Registration is not optional if you want to participate in Diva Las Vegas.

What if I just show up?

Please expect to be turned away, sorry.

We will not be accepting unannounced "walk-in" attendees. You must register in advance to participate in DLV.

Your cooperation is appreciated!

I'm local to Las Vegas and want to attend, what should I do?

About 20% of the DLV attendees come from Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, DLV will introduce you to many others in the area who share your interest, as well as give you a sample of places you can go and things you can do in the area.

There's no requirement that you stay in one of our suggested hotels when you attend DLV, although a few from the local area do, for one reason or another.

Please follow the usual procedure. Register on line and please indicate in the appropriate space that you are local to Las Vegas.

But {so and so} said that locals don't have to register.

{So and so} is wrong!

I registered for DLV once but did not show up. Am I still welcome?

That's water under the bridge. All is forgiven. Looking forward to having you with us!

What is expected of me? Are there any conditions of participation?

To register for Diva Las Vegas you must agree to three things:

  1. Our Conditions Of Participation
  2. Our Behavior, Dress, and Restroom guidelines
  3. Waiver of liability

The main condition of participation is that you dress and act as a lady or gentleman and be nice to others. The Conditions Of Participation document is on line HERE.

The Behavior, Dress, and Restroom guidelines are discussed in depth in section 13 of this FAQ.

The Waiver Of Liability is standard and appears on the registration screens. An advance copy will be sent to you on request. Some DLV activities (such as Air Tours and Roller Derby Boot Camp) may require a more formal signed liability waiver.

About how many people will be attending?

(This is most likely the most frequently asked question.)

Headcount projections are announced in our mailing list.

Attendance total exceeded 100 each year since 2003. Our highest attendance was 179 in 2010.

Are single (unaccompanied) women (GG's) allowed to attend?

You are definitely welcome and there will likely be other single genetic women at DLV as well as spouses. We're always happy to have friends!

Quite honestly, I'm scared. I might back out. Can you help me?

Yes, most definitely! All of the DLV organizers and volunteers know exactly how you feel. We'll do what we can to help you feel comfortable, such as:

Please be assured that even though you may not know anyone else in advance, you will be among friends.

It is universally reported that those who are nervous when going to their first DLV activity lose that nervous feeling within minutes after meeting the others.
I'm bringing somebody with me. Should we register as a couple or individually?

It depends.

If you are spouses, "significant others" to each other, or life partners, you are welcome to register as a couple, and the "SO Attending" checkbox is intended for this, to make it convenient to register both of you in one step.

If you are friends, even best friends or "very very good friends" but not life partners, we ask you to please register individually.

Why? Mainly because history has shown that tag-alongs and "She's With Me" guests frequently don't get the word about what's going on.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Can I bring guests? Family members? Other TGs? Friends?

Spouses and "Significant Others" are always welcome and can be included on your registration.

Bona fide immediate family members are welcome to participate with you.

We ask that you request any other friends and guests who want to attend with you to register. It costs nothing and there's very little formality. This gets them on our roster, allows them to sign up for any activities they wish to do, and admits them to all regular DLV activities which they want to attend.

Individuals who do not appear on our roster, including "she's with me" guests, will not be admitted to DLV activities.

Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

About how many partners and "Significant Others" participate in Diva Las Vegas?

Over the past several years, about 20% of the primary attendees brought their spouse or partner along. Most partners participate regularly in the DLV activities.

One thing to note is that the DLV attendees make up a very diverse group and we do have a certain number of male SOs, TG-TG and other "nontraditional" bondings.

What are some of the activities that are planned?

For our upcoming events, summary schedules are regularly published in the mailings as they are developed.

Here's a list of activities which have happened at recent events:

Ideas for new and different activities are always in the works.
How many meals are included?

Since there is no registration fee, no meals are pre-paid prior to the event.

Several group meals are planned, some in reserved areas, some in mainstream public facilities. All are optional. Sign-up is required for some of these, and the details are announced in the mailings.

What if I want to attend religious services when I'm in Las Vegas?

We've had groups of DLV attendees attend services in previous years.

See our schedule of activities and mailing list for details.

How do I sign up for golf?

You sign up for golf (as well as most other optional activities) at activity sign-up time. Details on activity sign-up appear in the regular mailings.

You must be a registered DLV attendee to play golf with the group.

What do I do if I want to sign up for golf and nothing else?

You'll be missing quite a bit, but yes, that's fine if that's what you want to do. Register as usual, select the golf day as both your arrival and departure dates, and check only the golf box when you sign up for activities.

When will the activity locations be announced?

The Final Attendee Information (previously known as the "Large Final Mailing"), which will be sent to all registered attendees during the week prior to DLV will contain a very detailed schedule containing locations of the activities, exactly where in the venue to meet the group, etc.

On the final detailed schedule, you will be able to "drill down" to location information and a map of exactly where the location of any activity is.

The Final Attendee Information will include information on who to contact if you get lost or can't locate the group.

But can I get a list of activity locations just in case I decide to show up?

No, it doesn't work that way, sorry.

You will need to register in order to receive this information. We will not be admitting unannounced walk-ins to our activities, sorry.

I've been told that all you do at Diva Las Vegas is eat and drink and you don't do any of the "fun" stuff. What's the story?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Whoever says this is badly misinformed.

Yes, we have several meals planned. Everybody has to eat. We also have social gatherings at which adult beverages are served, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Our event consists of a rich schedule of daytime and evening activities of all types, including "touristy" things, "outdoorsy" things, entertainment options, shopping, side trips and much more. Review the photos from the past years for examples of what you can expect.

Why don't the public working schedules show activity locations?

Sorry if this appears blunt, but those who are not registered for our event do not have a need to know the locations.

Activity locations, including maps, parking hints, etc., are given out to those registered for the event.

Where is everybody staying? Is there an official or host hotel?

Unlike most other TG community events, Diva Las Vegas is not centered around a hotel.

We always suggest one or more hotels for our attendees.

Use the "Hotel" link on the main page for information about our suggested hotel(s) for the next event.

We make these suggestions for those who want to know where DLV people have stayed in the past and received good service, and for those who want to be around others from the group.

There is no requirement that you stay in our suggested hotels, you may stay anywhere you wish.

In the past, our people have stayed at many Strip and off-Strip places and some of the smaller places, all without any problems.

But there's this other hotel which is just as nice. Why don't you add it to your list?

One of the primary purposes of our sugggested hotels is for those who want or need to be in the proximity of other DLV attendees. For this reason, we want to limit the number of hotels we suggest so that any of our suggested hotels will have a meaningful number of our attendees.

Please feel free to use our Discussion Forum to recommend your favorite hotel to others who will be attending.

Are any discount, promotional or group hotel rates available.

In some recent years, group rates have been available at our primary suggested hotel.

These will usually sell out and may or may not be available at any given time.

See the mailings for announcements regarding group hotel rates.

Please note: Special group rates will not be available for the 2024 event. See mailings and the DLV Discussion Forum for hotel and rate discussions.

What about local transportation to the DLV activities?

Everybody attending DLV is responsible for their own transportation to and from the various activities.

Rides with others (at the riders' own risk, of course) will usually be available.

Details on transportation options are discussed on the mailing list and in the Final Attendee Information.

Why was the "Ride Share Program" discontinued.

Mainly because it did not scale well and generated countless complaints, both from volunteer drivers and those in need of rides.

Our volunteers are unwilling to assume the liability of a more formal program to provide transportation to the activities.

Those in need of rides and those with vehicles who are willing to give rides to others are encouraged to use the DLV Discussion Forum to exchange contact information and coordinate ride sharing efforts.

But I'm new, scared, and I don't know anyone and I won't have a car. What in the world do I do for a ride?

First of all, don't panic. With very rare exception, there will be a ride available for you.

The biggest problem along this line is finding a ride to your first DLV activity.

If you will not be driving and need a ride, we VERY STRONGLY suggest that you stay in one of our suggested hotels so you will be near other attendees who will be willing to give you a ride.

Well in advance of your first DLV activity, post a note in the DLV Discussion Forum explaining that you will be staying in such and such a hotel and that you will need a ride to some certain activity. With rare exception, others will respond and offer you a ride.

Once you have made that initial contact, you'll find that it is very easy to arrange rides with others for the rest of the week.

A few notes about rides ...

  1. Please accept a ride with another only if you are totally willing to accept the risks of doing so, and agree that DLV organizers and attendees will not be responsible if something unexpected occurs!

  2. It is not the responsibility of the listed DLV contact people to find you a ride. If you phone the DLV contact people and ask for a ride, you will be told to please take a taxi. (Taking a taxi in Las Vegas is very "safe", even for beginners.) See below.

I've never taken a taxi in girlmode before. What's the procedure, etiquette, etc.?

At the main entrances of all major hotels there will be a taxi stand. Look for a sign saying "Taxi Line", "For taxi wait here", or something similar. Usually this will be very obvious. If you can't find it, tell the doorkeeper that you need a taxi. Taxis will be picking up and dropping off guests at all major hotels during all hours.

Join the taxi line at the rear, or step to the front of the taxi stand if there is no line. Taxis will usually be waiting in a staging area. You may have to signal by raising your finger to indicate that you need a taxi. Often times the doorkeeper will blow a whistle to indicate to waiting taxis that a rider is ready. If no taxis are ready, wait a while. Taxis drop off and pick up at all major hotels regularly.

If you're shy about using your voice to tell the taxi driver or the doorkeeper where you want to go, write out the address in large letters on a piece of paper and hand it to the driver or to the doorkeeper when you are asked where you want to go.

Instructions on what to tell a taxi driver to get to our various activities will appear on the detailed final schedule. ("Bellagio, and step on it!") :)

It is usually not necessary to tip the doorkeeper for simply whistling to a taxi for you, but if the door staff assists you with luggage or something significant, yes, a tip is appropriate.

A taxi driver depends on tips to supplement his/her income, so it will be highly unusual for a driver to remark about your appearance or manner of dress.

At the destination, the total fare will be clearly indicated on the taxi meter. A tip (15% - 20% or so) is expected, but is not legally required. If the service was good, a tip should be given. If the driver made any derogatory comments to you, drove recklessly, or was in any way a jerk, feel free to pay the total on the meter only.

Please note that in Las Vegas, taxis are to pick up only at designated taxi stands or from a radio call. They are not supposed to respond to a "hail" on the street, although they sometimes will.

What about the Monorail? The city bus? The shuttles?

The main Las Vegas Monorail is quite "safe" to use and travels on the east side of the Las Vegas Strip. Ticketing is very similar to that used on most subways and elevated systems. You buy a single or multi-ride ticket at a machine and insert it into the slot at an entrance turnstyle.

For our activities located in venues near the Monorail, the proper Monorail stop will be noted on our final detailed schedule.

Motorized tramway systems run between the Bellagio, City Center, and Park MGM, and also between the Excalibur, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay on the west side of the Strip. These are free and there are no formalities when boarding or riding. A smaller free tramway runs between the Mirage and Treasure Island.

Some casinos and other firms operate free shuttles between various properties. Some are free with no formalities, while some others require proof of residency such as a room key or a players club card. Some of these are reported to be "safe" but circumstances vary between the various shuttle services.

The newer double-decker "Deuce" bus on the Strip and other major bus routes has been ridden by our attendees with no major issues reported, but in general, the city bus is only suggested for those with a high confidence level and significant public exposure experience.

What about ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft?

Our attendees used Uber and Lyft from DLV 2016 forward with no issues.

At our sister event, Pinkfest, several attendees used these services with no significant issues at all.

Who's speaking?

You are. :)

How about clubs and bars that are TG-friendly?

Every year, the group frequented several establishments that are known to be TG-friendly. Most of these appear in the "Bars and Nightlife" section of our Big List.

What about performance-type activities, such as an amateur drag show, karaoke, etc.?

There will occasionally be a few activities at which self-produced performances will occur. Details will be announced as these activities are planned.

The group has attended karaoke sessions, both mainstream and alternative, off and on for many years.

Can I really go out dressed in Las Vegas?

Well, since Las Vegas has a law against public nudity, you have to. <bfg>

Seriously, everyone attending is free to dress according to their own desire, style, and comfort level, within the bounds of what's usual and customary to be worn, of course. Some of the participants remain in one mode or the other throughout the affair. Some choose to be in one mode for some activities, and the other for some.

We ask that when you're with the group, you dress appropriate to the occasion and activity, and act as a lady or gentleman, whichever you prefer at the time.

Is there any dress code for Diva Las Vegas? What should I plan to bring to wear?

We ask that you dress in a presentable manner, in good taste, and in a manner appropriate to the activity at hand, while with the group. We also ask that you refrain from dressing or acting in a manner intended to flaunt transgenderism or in a manner intended primarily to attract attention.

Either girlmode or boymode dress is fine for most DLV activities.

Casual to moderately dressy attire, either boymode or girlmode, is acceptable at most DLV activities.

Casual attire is required for some activities such as shopping and side trips.

Dressy and formal attire is encouraged for some of our more upscale evening activities.

More exotic attire is appropriate and encouraged at some designated activities.

General dress guidelines as well as specific dress suggestions for each activity will be sent to those who register.

More specific discussions on what to bring, and what to wear for the various activities occur in the Diva Las Vegas Mailing List and in the Discussion Forum.

A collection of the dress-related articles from over the years now appears

What do you suggest I do if I want to attend but I've never been out in public before?

You will be welcome to participate either as "brother" or "sister" (or both) depending on your preference.

If you wish, you will be free to transition from one mode to the other at a time that will be primarily determined by your own comfort level. You might plan your big "coming out" to be at a time such as an evening at a club that is known to be T-friendly. Several of those attending will be willing to help you as needed, and will give you feedback as to what you should do, and what may or may not be appropriate.

This year we will have some volunteer "Big Sisters" who will be able to coach and help if necessary.

Play it by ear. You will know when you're ready to appear in public.

Are changing facilities available?

Our activities are held in many locations throughout the Las Vegas area and in most cases, changing facilities are not available at our activity locations.

If you require changing facilities, post a note in the Discussion Forum explaining the circumstances and most likely somebody will have a solution for you.

About how much does it cost to attend DLV?

It depends.

The major expenses for most DLV attendees are travel expenses and lodging expenses.

The cost of hotel rooms in Las Vegas varies from $0 to several hundred dollars per night, depending on such things as location, availability, and the phase of the moon.

Prices for our suggested hotels are discussed in the mailing list and on the DLV Discussion Forum.

People who regularly play at any of the major casinos can often arrange for reduced-rate or complimentary accommodations.

Any midscale Strip hotel will have meals priced well within the budget of anyone staying there. Almost any casino will serve complimentary drinks (alcoholic or non) to those playing any table or machine game.

Air fare to McCarran Airport in Las Vegas is usually available in the $200-$300 range from most major airports in the US, if booked in advance and if peak travel periods are avoided. The key word here is ADVANCE.

Shuttle service from the airport to major strip hotels is frequent and reasonably-priced.

Rental cars are usually available in the $45-$70-ish per day range.

If you are on a tight budget, see the question and answer below.

I'm on a very tight budget but I still want to attend. What advice can you give me?

Las Vegas CAN be one of the most economical vacation spots. Some hints for those who want to make the most of their money at Diva Las Vegas appear HERE. (This document is dated but does have information that is currently valid.)

What's the story on these "donations" that you are requesting?

There are some real-world costs involved with putting on an event such as Diva Las Vegas, and previously, the organizers and volunteers had no means of getting reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses that they incurred.

These donations are strictly voluntary, and are considered a gift from you to help with expenses, and not consideration for services rendered.

You will be able to donate when you register as well as in person during the event.

The particulars of our donation program are on line

What is the Big Sister Program?

In 2001 we established the DLV Big Sister Program to make attending our event easier for those who are a bit shy, new to public exposure, or unsure about attending our event for almost any reason.

Big Sisters are DLV volunteers who have expressed the desire to help those who are new or unsure. They are matched one-to-one with attendees who desire the assistance of a companion and mentor.

I'm new. How do I request the assistance of a Big Sister?

There are two ways to request a Big Sister:

  1. Fill out the Big Sister Request form via the appropriate button when you register for DLV.

  2. E-mail our Big Sister Team at: bigsister@divalas.vegas

Are there any guarantees with the Big Sister program?

The Big Sister Program is a good-faith effort on all parts.

When you request a Big Sister, we'll try, in good faith, to match you with someone who will be helpful to you, but due to many real-world factors, including human nature, we are unable to make any guarantees and DLV organizers and volunteers cannot be responsible if things do not turn out to your liking.

Our Big Sister Hotline (number available in the Final Attendee Information) will be answered by a member of the Big Sister Team and this can be used during the event for any Big Sister issues.

What can I do if I don't sign up for a Big Sister but find I need one during the event?

Phone our Big Sister Hotline at any reasonable hour. One of the members of the Big Sister Team will assist you.

The number for the Big Sister Hotline will be given to all individuals who are registered for the event.

Will my Big Sister give me a ride to the DLV activities?

DLV volunteers are not required to give rides to other attendees and if they do, it's a private arrangement between driver and rider and it's not considered part of their "official duties" as DLV volunteers.

If the two of you agree upon it, yes, it can happen, but it's not guaranteed, and if it does, accept the ride only under the condition that it's at your own risk for anything unfortunate or unexpected which happens in the course of that ride.

Also please keep in mind that many DLV attendees will not be driving a vehicle during the event for any of several reasons. Such things as shared taxi rides are possible if all involved agree.

What if I get "stuck" in my hotel room or motor vehicle?

If you find that you have difficulty or anxiety leaving your hotel room or vehicle on your way to join us for a DLV activity, find a phone and give our Big Sister Hotline a call.

In most cases, we'll get a volunteer to you pronto who will walk that last mile with you.

Where do I find the number of the Big Sister Hotline?

This, and other contact phone numbers, will be sent to all registered attendees in the Final Attendee Information just prior to the event.

What can I do if I get no answer or get stuck in Voice Mail Jail on the Big Sister Hotline?

Phone any of the general DLV contact people. They will assist you as best they can.

What do I do if I want to volunteer to be a Big Sister?

The best way to volunteer is to fill out the Big Sister Volunteer form using the appropriate button on the DLV registration page.

Alternatively you may e-mail
bigsister@divalas.vegas to volunteer.

What are the necessary qualifications to become a Big Sister?

The most important is the desire to help others!

It's best if you have attended DLV in the past and have a good idea of how things work at DLV, since our event is quite different than the other major TG events.

You should be willing to spend a reasonable amount of face-to-face time with your Little Sister during the event, particularly during the first few days that your Little Sister is present.

You should also be willing to correspond with your little sister by e-mail, prior to the event, if necessary.

What's the story with the new "divalas.vegas" domain?

The "vegas" top-level domain was created a few years ago and we now use the domain divalas.vegas (no "www.", no ".com" just "divalas.vegas") as our primary Internet domain.

The phase-in process to the divalas.vegas domain is mostly complete as of this writing although there are some functions (such as the Forum) that may still be on the previously-used domains.

Most previously-used email addresses and web URLs will continue to work as expected for the foreseeable future.

Most "Deep links" to such things as photos, documents, etc. on our web site should continue to work indefinitely.

If you have any difficulty using the new divalas.vegas domain, please email
tech@divalas.vegas and we will assist you.

What is the best e-mail address to use to send e-mail to Diva Las Vegas?

Almost all e-mail of any type should be sent to: dlv@divalas.vegas

Are there any other administrative, miscellaneous or technical contact e-mail addresses?

The direct e-mail addresses to the following may be used:

dlvorg@divalas.vegas To send e-mail to the DLV Organizers Group (DLVORG)
dlvdisc@divalas.vegas For submissions to the DLV Discussion Forum
bigsister@divalas.vegas E-mail pertaining to the Big Sister Program.
tech@divalas.vegas Technical issues, e-mail issues, web site errors, etc.
abuse@divalas.vegas Spam complaints, etc.

dlv@divalas.vegas may always be used if you're unsure on the exact address to which DLV e-mail is to be sent.

How do I join the Diva Las Vegas mailing list?

Just send a brief e-mail to dlv@divalas.vegas and state that you wish to join the mailing list. It will help if you include the word "Subscribe" in the subject of your message.

I'm no longer interested in DLV but I keep getting your stupid mailings! What do I have to do to get off your list?

You can be assured that if you aren't interested in DLV or no longer interested in DLV, we don't want to bother you and fill up your inbox with unwanted mail.

A brief e-mail message with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject will usually get you removed from all of our mailing lists.

But I've tried that and I still keep getting your {expletive deleted} mailings!

What is usually happening in that case is that the e-mail address you're sending your unsubscribe from does not match any address which we have on file. All of our recent mailings contain the line "This was addressed to:" and the e-mail address to which it was sent toward the bottom of the mailing. Please be sure you include this line if your current e-mail address is not the same as the address we are using to send you our mailings.

My e-mail to DLV keeps getting returned as undeliverable. Help!

Should you ever send e-mail to DLV which is returned as undeliverable, please forward the returned message(es) with all headers and "gobbledygook" intact to:


This "backup" e-mail account is not checked nearly as frequently as the main DLV account, so unless you have difficulty, please use the main DLV e-mail address:


... for sending e-mail to DLV.

Who, exactly, receives e-mail addressed to DLV?

E-mail addressed to the main DLV address is forwarded to our Corresponding Secretary, Project Manager, and Systems Administrator.

The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for handling most routine correspondence.

The Project Manager will handle any e-mail regarding the organization of the next upcoming DLV event.

The Systems Administrator will handle any e-mail of a technical nature.

I sent in e-mail and never received a response, what should I do?

Please be assured that we intend to respond to all e-mail which requires a response in a timely manner.

We do not routinely respond to commercial or promotional items which have no direct relevance to our event.

The first thing you should do if you are awaiting a response is to resend or send a reminder. E-mail is not a perfect medium and humans make mistakes.

Here are a few helpful hints to assure that you're able to send and receive e-mail to and from us without difficulty:

If, after several tries and a realistic time to wait for a response, you still have difficulty, send a brief e-mail to tech@divalas.vegas and explain the circumstances. Please detail when you sent your e-mail, the exact e-mail address to which you sent it, and a summary of your item.

I sent in an announcement to your e-mail list or Discussion Forum and it was not published. What's going on?

If your item is not relevant to our event it will not be forwarded or published.

"Forward Me" items, regardless of how urgent, important, cute, or heartwarming they may appear to be, will be ignored.

Our media are not intended for general announcements or TG community news.

Are there any postal mail or voice telephone contacts for Diva Las Vegas.

No, sorry.

But there were these contact numbers given out just prior to the last DLV event.

Those were for use only during the event. Please do not use those numbers once the event has concluded. Your cooperation is appreciated.

But there's this list of volunteer phone numbers that {so and so} gave me.

We ask that you please do not phone any DLV organizers or volunteers directly unless you have been given explicit first-person permission to do so! Please respect the privacy of our volunteers.

Do you have a local storefront, walk-in office or a local representative?

No, we do not.

I keep getting "Page not found" or "Page cannot be displayed" when trying to view one of your web pages.

First, be sure you're using a correct and current URL. If you're following a link on the web or from an old e-mail, you may be following an outdated URL. The main DLV page is on the web at: https://divalas.vegas and there are links from that main page to all current DLV pages.

If you're sure you are using a correct URL, wait a while and try again. Most internet disruptions are temporary and resolve themself in time.

If you're certain that the problem is on our end, please report it to: tech@divalas.vegas

I get this "There is nothing here of any interest" message when I try to view your web page.

You are not using the complete and correct URL. Click here: https://divalas.vegas

Do you have any kind of a banner exchange or link exchange program?

We don't do banners, sorry.

If you run a site which is of significant interest to our attendees, we will consider listing you, depending on the circumstances. We will not post a link to any sexually-oriented or "dating" site.

If you run a business which has a physical storefront, open to the public during normal business hours, in the Las Vegas vicinity and wish to invite our attendees and web visitors, we would be happy to list you on our Big List of vendors.

If you would like to link to us, please feel free to do so with one reservation. If your web site is sexually oriented, we ask that you please refrain from linking to us. Your understanding is appreciated.

I tried to join your mailing list but I got no response. What's going on?

We've seen cases where our mailings are improperly classified as spam by some spam filters, and rejected or filed in a junk mail folder. Our mailings will have unsubscribe instructions, which will have similar verbiage to the so-called removal instructions contained in many spam messages, and this will trigger some spam filters.

Each mailing we make typically results in a number of failures for reasons such as "mailbox full", "over quota", etc.

If you're not receiving our mailings, check your mail configuration to be sure you're not rejecting our mail or classifying it as spam, and that you are keeping your mailbox within your size quota.

If after repeated attempts to join the list with no mail reception, please consider trying the following:

If it's been a while since you've tried to join, or since you received anything, you may have to re-join the list since we regularly purge our list of undeliverable addresses.

I used to be on your list, but I haven't received anything lately.

You will normally stay on our mailing list from year to year unless one of the following things happens:

  1. You request removal from our mailing list. Any kind of "Spam complaint" coming to us from you or your ISP's abuse department is considered a removal request.

  2. Mail to you is returned as undeliverable.

If your e-mail address changes, please send in a change of address request. Please be sure to keep enough space in your inbox to receive our mailings. If you were dropped due to undeliverable mail, you may have to join our list again.

When should I use that "emergency" DLV e-mail address?

The Diva Las Vegas "emergency" e-mail address (dlvemergency@yahoo.com) should only be used in the case of e-mail outages involving our main e-mail system.

This e-mail account is only checked during known or suspected e-mail outages.

Please do not CC: this address "just in case".

The normal e-mail address (dlv@divalas.vegas) should always be used except in the event of e-mail outages involving our main e-mail system.

I got spam which gave one of the Diva Las Vegas e-mail addresses as that of the sender.

Unfortunately, e-mail sender address falsification is easy to do and is very common among spammers. It is highly unlikely that the spam you received actually originated from or transited through any of our e-mail systems.

If you sincerely believe that any spam e-mail actually came from our e-mail system, please forward the offending message(s) with the complete header lines intact to: abuse@divalas.vegas

We have volunteers who are active in the anti-spam community and we will check your report thoroughly.

To better tell what did and did not actually originate from our e-mail systems, our legitimate e-mail will almost never contain any file attachments or any embedded graphics. If it appeared to come from DLV and has a file attached to it, it's most likely something very nasty which was sent to you without our approval.

I've seen DLV brochures, posters, and flyers. Can I get some of these?

Things such as brochures and flyers are occasionally produced, depending on the anticipated importance of attracting new attendees to the next annual event.

DLV brochures are now available either in reasonable quantities in hardcopy form or in the form of .pdf files which can be duplicated conveniently. Please ask if you would like to distribute DLV brochures.

I got this "Please do not invite DLV to social network sites" notice and I swear I never invited you!

What is most likely happening is that you inadvertently "agreed" to let the site in question access your local address book or contact list and send automated invites to those on your list.

Some sites are very clever and downright sneaky in getting you to "agree" to do this, often by providing a pre-checked and deceptively-worded "invite my friends" checkbox which is on a page with considerable other distracting text.

These can be stopped by adjusting your profile on the site in question to disallow the sending of automated invites to those in your contact lists.

I get error messages when I try to enter ratings or comments on the Big List.

Various sanity checks and abuse traps are used to prevent such things as comment spam, fraudulent ratings, machine-generated ratings and comments, etc. This may result in errors messages such as:

Should errors persist, please report the circumstances to tech@divalas.vegas giving date/time of the error and the type of browser you are using.

Most of these errors can be prevented by observing the following:

  1. Use a standard web browser, correctly installed and configured.

  2. Don't enter ratings or comments via an anonymous proxy or with a plug-in which disables the HTTP_REFERER. (If you don't know what these are, it probably does not apply to you.)

  3. Don't use a computer system on the premises of a listed vendor to enter ratings and comments about that vendor or any competitors.

  4. Click SUBMIT only once. If you click more than once "just to be sure", you may very well elicit one of the above error messages.

If you continue to have difficulty entering ratings and comments, please write to tech@divalas.vegas and explain the circumstances. If necessary, we will enter the ratings and comments for you manually.

The Konami Code won't work on your web site.

It is now pitch dark! If you proceed you will likely fall into a pit!

One of your web pages does not properly display in my browser. What should I do?

Please report it to tech@divalas.vegas

Please include the complete URL you're referring to as well as details on what does not work as expected.

Do you ever sell or give out your mailing lists?


Next question, please ...

I get a "blocked" or "banned" message when I try to view your web site. What can I do?

There's really no "one size fits all" solution to these related issues.

The best course of action is to report it to tech@divalas.vegas and please explain the exact error message that you're getting. Screen shots will help greatly.

Some web content filtering services do regard our site as "adult" in nature and some firms do indeed block such content. Contact tech@divalas.vegas for possible work-arounds.

For our on-line forum, we do subscribe to several lists of known forum spammers and we block access from the networks known to be friendly to spammers. Again, contact tech@divalas.vegas to get the network you're coming from temporarily or permanently removed from the block lists.

What is the Attendee Information Portal?

Everyone who has registered for an upcoming DLV event or has attended DLV in recent years now has their own Attendee Information Portal screen on the web.

This is a single screen which replaces multiple screens used in the past, which allows convenient access to several important functions, including:

The personal URL for each person's Attendee Information Portal will be sent out in special mailings as appropriate. If you have misplaced the URL to your Final Information Portal, please e-mail tech@divalas.vegas for assistance.
How do I volunteer to help out with Diva Las Vegas?

Simply send a brief e-mail to dlvorg@divalas.vegas and state that you wish to volunteer to help out.

Please include a summary of the exact areas in which you would like to help.

In what areas are you in need of help?

As you probably know, DLV operates entirely on volunteer help.

Our primary need is for volunteers to plan, coordinate, and assist with the various activities which make up the DLV event as a whole.

Over 99% of the effort that goes into making DLV happen has to do with the planning and implementation of activities.

Just as it is said that "Every Marine is a Rifleman" it can be said that "Every DLV volunteer is an activity coordinator."

How about the "behind the scenes" work such as setting up, working sound and lights, etc.?

There's very little set-up and tear-down associated with the Diva Las Vegas event as a whole. Our model is quite different from that of other TG events and as such, it makes these types of duties unnecessary.

There may be, however, some set-up and clean-up work associated with some of the activities, depending on exact circumstances. If this is your area of interest, please volunteer to assist those who will be coordinating those particular activities which need set-up and clean-up help. Yes, things like this count toward voting status.

As for such things as sound and lights, there will sometimes be a small number of activities at which self-produced performances will happen and you're welcome to volunteer to help out with these if this is your area of expertise.

What about photography? I work part time as a ... and I ...

You're welcome to volunteer your services if you wish. However we do not have any funds to cover professional or semi-pro photography.

Our events have always been well-covered by amateur photographers from within our attendee base. Some of these are quite prolific and quite talented.

Do volunteers get such things as free registration and free rooms?

Since we have no registration fee, yes, it can be truthfully said that all volunteers do get free registration! :)

Sorry, we do not have the means to reimburse volunteers for such things as rooms and other expenses.

Hey, I've got this dynamite idea about something I know the group would like to do!

This is EXACTLY what we are looking for!

Please, write in and detail your proposal. Send an e-mail to dlvorg@divalas.vegas and let us know what you have in mind.

But this idea is really far out, and it's never been done at any other TG event ever.

Again, this is EXACTLY what we are looking for!

I would really like to help, but I don't have a clue as to what to do. Can you still use me?

Of course! We'll match you up with one or more of our veteran volunteers who can use your assistance and will "show you the ropes" so to speak.

I'm quite shy of such things as cold-calling vendors. Can I still help?

Yes, most definitely. We'll find something for you which will require no up-front public contact, or we'll match you with somebody who will handle that part of your activity.

What is "voting status" and how is this attained?

The DLV volunteers of voting status are those who make the decisions which cannot be made by consensus.

A volunteer who is on record as coordinating or assisting with at least one DLV activity during the past two annual DLV events is of voting status.

Most Big Sister volunteers also qualify for voting status.

Are there any volunteer duties which do not count toward voting status?

The support positions which are not connected to any DLV activities do not count toward voting status. These are duties such as the check-in hosts/hostesses, coordinators of various "pet projects", greeters, and formerly the volunteer drivers.

However, most of those involved in these non-qualifying positions are also involved in one or more activities as well, so most of them do qualify by virtue of those activities.

Am I allowed to volunteer if I haven't attended DLV yet?

Yes, with some reservations and understandings.

We'll most likely want volunteers who have never attended before to be matched up with veteran volunteers who can use their assistance. However, we have on occasion had first-year volunteers act as the primary coordinator of various activities. It all depends on the circumstances.

Who, exactly, is in charge of Diva Las Vegas? Who really calls the shots?

The highest level of decision-making within Diva Las Vegas falls upon the Diva Las Vegas Organizers' Group, often abbreviated DLVORG. DLVORG is comprised of those who have stepped forward and volunteered to coordinate and implement the various activities that make up the DLV event as a whole. The DLVORG members who are of voting status are those who are on record as coordinating or assisting with at least one DLV activity during at least one of the previous two DLV events.

In other words, it's those who do the work who make the decisions. That's the way it should be.

Certain administrative positions within DLVORG are recognized:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Corresponding Secretary
  3. Systems Administrator
  4. Big Sister Coordinator

Project Manager is a rotational position. This person or team oversees the planning of the next annual DLV event and chairs the DLVORG group. Other positions are elected by DLVORG upon their vacancy, and the duties should be obvious from their titles.

An Administrative Committee, a subgroup of DLVORG, handles any business which is not directly related to an activity. This consists of the named administrative individuals above plus two at-large elected members.

The "minutes" of DLVORG, actually the mailing list archives, are open to the public. They are posted in plain sight on this web site. If you look for them, you will find them. :)

How are the various leadership positions within DLV filled?

The named administrative positions, elected seats on the Administrative Committee, and various other positions are filled from the ranks of volunteers of voting status. These will often be by election, but appointments by consensus or acclamation are occasionally made.

Beginning in 2016 a "Vote Of Confidence" is held annually among the volunteers on all individuals who hold named leadership positions.

What's your policy on photography?

The general rule is to be considerate of others and use courtesy and common sense.

Detailed photo guidelines will be sent in the Final Attendee Information to those who register.

Previous photo guidelines, subject to change, appear HERE.

I'm a reporter/photographer/writer/whatever and want to cover your event. What do I need to do?

Please understand that in almost all cases we will respectfully decline coverage, both from mainstream media and LGBT media. We are a private event and many of our attendees wish to maintain a low profile, both personally and in terms of the event as a whole.

If your publication is sexually oriented, we ask that you please not cover our event.

If you're interested please write a brief e-mail to DLV (
dlv@divalas.vegas) and identify yourself and your publication(s), request a copy of our Media Guidelines, and explain what you want to write or publish.

Any coverage, if permitted, must be discreet and not distract from the climate of the event. We will insist on a signed standard release for any recognizable likenesses that are to be published.

We do not issue press passes, nor do we waive registration and Conditions Of Participation requirements for media representatives.

Please understand that reporters, photographers, writers, etc. who show up unannounced will be turned away. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

When will the photos of the latest event be posted?

It depends on a number of circumstances, but over the past several years, the follow-up pages for the current year's event have been placed on line in the fall of that year.

The photos from some activities may require an extra step of clearance, so they may or may not appear at the same time as the others are posted.

How can I tell if the photos of the latest event are on line?

Look in the "Past Years" section on the main DLV page. If the year of the latest event appears, the photos have been posted. If not, they have not. We will not tease you with a link that leads only to an "under construction" page.

An announcement will be made in our next general mailing after the current year's photos have been posted.

Why does this take so long?

First the photos have to be gathered. Some come in almost immediately, but others come in later, some by snailmail, and some in the form of prints, which have to be scanned. This typically takes 2-3 months.

The number of photos received has averaged over 2000 for the past few years. These are then reviewed, normalized for size, brightness, contrast, etc., edited if necessary, and placed on line in a temporary staging area.

Next we allow those who attended to review the photos and they may request removal of any photos in which they appear. We always allow at least two months for review and removal requests.

It's not until after the removal requests are in and processed that the follow-up pages can be composed and placed on line.

Your understanding and patience are appreciated.

I attended the last DLV. How can I preview the photos?

Read your e-mail. The instructions on how to preview and request photo removal were sent to you. If you lost or misplaced this, let us know and we will resend.

If you're sure you have not received this, write in and explain the circumstances. If you were not marked as "present" on our roster, you did not receive this.

Otherwise, look in your back e-mails. It's most likely there.

How do I request a particular photo to be removed?

For photos in the current year's staging area, simply view the photo full-size and click on the "REMOVE" button. The photo will not immediately disappear, but will not be present when the specific page contining the photo is regenerated, which will usually be within 24 hours.

For the photos in previous years' areas, please send us an e-mail with the COMPLETE EXACT URL OF THE PHOTO YOU WISH TO BE REMOVED.

To do this easily from most modern computers, view the photo in full size and copy-paste your browser's "location" bar into an e-mail to us.

Descriptions such as "the third photo from the left on the second row" are not adequate to process your request! Likewise, requests such as "remove all photos of me" are impossible to process. You must explicitly denote all photos you wish to be removed.

If the photo contains multiple people, please indicate which individual you are in each photo, as we may opt to crop you out, if possible, instead of remove the photo entirely.

What are the valid reasons for requesting a photo to be removed?

Anything! Including "I just don't like the way I look in that photo" and related reasons.

How many photos can I request to be removed?

Any reasonable number of photos in which your recognizable likeness appears.

Please note that unless there are extenuating circumstances, we will not remove the official posed group photos, nor will we blur faces or black out eyes.

How long does it take to process a removal request?

For the current year's staging area, usually within 24 hours. For existing follow-up pages, usually a few weeks.

Please expect your removal request to take considerably longer if terms such as "lawsuit", "lawyer", "legal action", "other action", etc. appear in your removal request. :)

I requested removal and the photos are still there!

Please remind us. E-mail is not a perfect medium. Humans make mistakes!

What does "BDR" stand for?

BDR stands for Behavior, Dress, and Restrooms, specifically a set of guidelines and best practices for each of these topics, developed over the years of DLV.

Our history has shown that when these guidelines are observed by all attendees, the result is a smoother, more harmonious, and more enjoyable event for all.

What is the basis of the BDR guidelines?

Consideration of others.

Why do you have so many rules?

These aren't really rules. They are guidelines and best practices and unfortunately some attendees exercise their option to ignore them.

Those who choose to ignore the guidelines frequently find that they get themselves and others in trouble!

Why is this necessary? None of the other TG events have this!

Diva Las Vegas is far more mainstream-oriented than any other major TG events.

All other major TG events occur under controlled conditions and under those conditions the concerns about these three topics are often unnecessary.

The same can usually be said for other activities in which you might have participated, such as support group meetings, Pride festivities, "Girls Night Out" activities, "alternative" bars and clubs, benefit galas, Imperial Court functions, etc.

What exactly are these rules, guidelines, or whatever it is that you call them?

The general "rule" is to always consider others, dress and behave as a lady or gentleman (whichever you prefer at the time) and use public restrooms appropriately and discreetly. "Have fun, but don't have your fun at the expense of others!"

A good "In A Nutshell" summary of our Behavior, Dress, and Restroom Guidelines appears HERE and contains links to more detailed information toward the end of the page.

What is the legal status regarding public restrooms in the Las Vegas area?

Disclaimer: The author of this section is neither an attorney nor a sworn law enforcement officer, but has consulted with a licensed attorney on this particular topic. Said consultation was in-office, on the clock, and was "legal advise" in the strict sense.

Nevada Senate Bill 311, signed into law in May, 2011, prohibits discrimination in public accommodations on the basis of gender identity or expression. As of June, 2021, no authoritative legal opinions have been heard regarding the effects of this law on the use of public gendered restrooms. This law took effect October 1, 2011.

Some members of the LGBT community consider the above law to be a "Free Pass" to use the gender-designated facility of choice.

Some property managers, however, believe that if they offer some facilities, any facilities, available to all, they are within the letter of the law.

In the past, a rather extensive search of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Clark County Code, and Las Vegas Municipal Code revealed no general prohibitions regarding the use of gendered restrooms in most public and private facilities in the Las Vegas area. One attendee's conversation with a Las Vegas Metro Police officer confirmed this.

The conclusion of the legal opinion was along the line of the use of any property, including a restroom, is "at will" of the management and they can, legally, restrict one's usage of such as long as they do not violate applicable statutes or regulations in the process.

Then what's the story on this "Awful Restroom Law" which I keep hearing about?

This persistent rumor is most likely based upon a parks regulation in Clark County Code, section 19.04.040, which does indeed prohibit males over the age of 8 from entering or loitering in the vicinity of women's restrooms in public parks.

So, what does all of this mean? Which restroom should I use?

That is entirely up to you!

There are really no "one size fits all" answers, but we can offer some advise, guidelines, and best practices from the experiences of our hundreds of attendees over 20+ years of our event. If you're willing to observe our guidelines, there should be very little difficulty. If you're not, there is (still) a chance of a very ugly incident involving you and others!

If you choose to use public restrooms, remember to use them individually, discreetly, and appropriately.

What if I'm fully-transitioned and have that coveted "F" on my ID? What if I'm a GG?

We ask you to please consider others and use discretion.


Because an intolerant observer will not know what's on your ID and what's between your legs. All a member of the general public will know is that a a member of our group has just walked obviously and brazenly into a public restroom! Such action is just as likely to generate a complaint to management or security as any case of any of our attendees obviously using a restroom.

But I've been using public restrooms for decades and never had any issues!

Good for you!

You've most likely been observing good practice.

We're asking all who may be of advanced standing (post-op, fully-transitioned, legally "F", decades of mainstream public experience, noted persons in the TG community, etc.) to please help set the example by using restrooms appropriately and encouraging others to do so.

What are some examples of good practice regarding restroom use?

What are some examples of poor restroom practice?

What behaviors, specifically, are not allowed at DLV activities?

In general, any behavior which shows inconsideration to our attendees, is annoying to our attendees, or is out of the bounds of what is usual and customary at social events is not allowed.

Such items include, but are not necessarily limited to:

I'm gonna be in Las Vegas soon. Do you have any recommendations on what I can do and places I can go?

Yes, we have our TG Guide to Las Vegas which is made from the collective experience of DLV over the many years. It gives general comments plus we have our Big List of recommended (and not so recommended) places, which includes customer ratings and comments.

Are there any regular gathering places for TGs in Las Vegas?

As of this writing there are no regular "hangouts" for TGs. Local and visiting TGs have been known to frequent several of the places under the "Bars and Nightlife" section of our Big List.

I'm looking for a safe place where I can hang out and just be myself for a while.

Any of the places showing a green light in the category "Bars and Nightlife" on our Big List should welcome you either in boymode or in girlmode.

What about the big Las Vegas casinos? Are these safe to go out to?

This, and related topics, is discussed in our TG Guide to Las Vegas .

How about those trendy nightclubs? Are TGs welcome at these?

Almost all of these are mainly the "mating territory" of straight, cisgender(ed) men and women who are under 40 years of age.

This topic is discussed in some depth in our TG Guide to Las Vegas .

I'm in need of a makeover, a wig, lingerie, shoes, clothing. Where can I go?

Please see our Big List for suggestions, and please pay attention to the stoplights, ratings, and comments on the firms you are interested in visiting.

Don't be shy! Anything with the green light on the Big List will welcome your patronage either in girlmode or boymode. They've seen it all before, countless times!

I'm wondering if there's going to be anyone else in town when I am and if they might want to get together and do the town?

Simply post a note in our Diva Las Vegas Discussion Forum explaining when you will be in town and what you are interested in doing. Please do this well in advance of your visit. Be sure to include your contact information.

Please be aware that postings of this type will be rejected if they even hint of a desire for anything more than casual, congenial companionship. (Yes, the Moderators know all of the code words.) :)

How should I dress when I go out in Las Vegas?

This topic is discussed briefly in our TG Guide to Las Vegas and several in-depth articles appear in our Dress Section.

The general rule of thumb is that your outfit should be age-appropriate and size-appropriate for you, as well as occasion-appropriate for the time, place, and circumstance of the activity at hand.

Uh, what if I'm interested in finding somebody and, well, you know, "hooking up"?

The topic of meeting potential partners, whether casual, long-term, or professional, is out of scope of our web site. Sorry.

What is MyDLV?

MyDLV is a collection of on-line applications, available to DLV attendees and prospective attendees, intended to facilitate a sense of community among our attendees and friends.

What's available to me with MyDLV?

Applications which are part of MyDLV include such things as the DLV Discussion Forum (replaces the retired Hypermail forum interface), Personal photo gallery (replaces the retired DLV People Gallery), "Chirping" (microblogging), similar to Twitter, personal MyDLV Blogs, friend mechanism, etc.

How do I join MyDLV?

It's easy! Surf here: https://divalas.vegas/mydlv/

How much does it cost to join MyDLV?

MyDLV is free for DLV attendees and prospective attendees.

How much space do I get for my photo gallery and blog postings?

Although quotas are built into the system, right now the policy is "Use it, don't abuse it!"

So what happened to all of the archived forum postings and back issues of the mailing list?

They are all in there. The DLV Discussion Forum has over 9000 postings going back to 2002. The mailing list archives are complete from the year 2000 up to the current issue.

What about such things as real-time chat?

It's available, but we have not deployed it yet. If there's a demonstrated demand for it, we can roll it out. Same goes for a number of other features.

I'm a total klutz with computers! Can I still set up a blog or gallery?

Very little technical knowledge is necessary to set up and manage either a MyDLV Blog or MyDLV Gallery. It's all point-and-click. If you get stuck, we'll help you.

Who sponsors Diva Las Vegas?

Diva Las Vegas has no formal organization or sponsorship. It is simply a group of individuals who agree to get together at more or less the same place at more or less the same time to enjoy the same activities and each other's company.

Is Diva Las Vegas affiliated with any other TG events?

Not really. Pinkfest, which happens in Chicago each October, was started by some of the same people who first envisioned DLV. It is, like DLV, a vacation and not a convention, but there is no official affiliation.

Is Las Vegas really that "TG-friendly" and safe?

With very rare exception, those who are TG are valued customers at most establishments in Las Vegas that are open to the public.

Our participants have gone shopping in local malls and shops, gaming in various casinos, gone to various tourist attractions, attended production shows, etc., with very few problems or incidents.

If you go looking for trouble, however, you are certain to find it, as you will in any location under any set of circumstances.

As long as you dress and act as a lady or gentleman, use common sense, and don't push things, you should have little or no difficulty in Las Vegas.

What about handicapped facilities?

All hotels, casinos, restaurants, shops, etc., provide reserved handicapped parking. Most of the larger hotels will provide special rooms with wide doors, handrails, etc. if requested.

Most of the major casinos will have wheelchair-accessible table and machine games.

Will there be any vendors there? Are there any shops in the area that cater to TG people?

Since we're a vacation and not a convention, we won't have any exhibits or vendor hall.

However, as far as "vendors" you can patronize, there will be the entire Las Vegas business community!

Occasionally, merchants and vendors will invite our business and hold "Open House" sessions for our attendees.

In addition, there may be merchants and service providers attending DLV and offering their products and services for sale.

Most of the mainstream businesses in Las Vegas will welcome your business in either mode. Some have explicitly invited DLV attendees to shop in their facilities, and some offer promotions and discounts to our people.

Our Big List has merchants and vendors of all types who will welcome your business.

I don't know anybody else who's going. I feel a bit uneasy, kind of like I'm not going to be part of the "club"

It's normal to be concerned about this when getting together with any group of people you do not already know. Please be assured that those who attend Diva Las Vegas are very outgoing, very inclusive, and not in any way snobby or cliquish. Most of the people attending were at one time in exactly this situation themselves.

If you're new and don't know any of the others, our volunteers will be happy to introduce you around to the others.

What's this I keep hearing, something about a 7-11?

This refers to an amusing (but embarrassing at the time) incident in which one young lady received a coming-out baptism-by-fire when nature called. Nobody was hurt or hassled, and she will have a very interesting story to tell to her grandchildren. No doubt this tale will be recalled at this year's event. Everybody involved laughs about it now!

And what about Galiano {sic} ?

Yeah, what about it? :)

I'm a vendor, can I come and try to sell my stuff to your people?

You're welcome to attend, just as anybody else is. Please keep in mind we are a vacation, not a convention. We won't have any seminars or vendor hall, and we don't have any space for you to set up and do your thing.

Before you make plans to attend as a vendor, please look very carefully at this site and at this FAQ so you can be sure you know what you are getting into.

You won't have as much of a captive audience as you will at the traditional TG conventions, since we encourage our people to get out and shop locally.

Also please be aware that Clark County has strict tax and permit requirements for itinerant merchants. You (not us) will be responsible for seeking and jumping through the necessary hoops in order to legally do business in Clark County, Nevada. (One particular note is that DLV does not qualify as a "convention" or "trade show" at which the tax and permit requirements are waived for occasional sales.)

If you plan to be offering professional services such as makeovers, hairstyling, electrolysis, nails/manicures, etc., please be aware that these services are regulated by the State of Nevada, and you (not us) will be responsible for researching the requirements and jumping through the necessary hoops in order to legally practice your profession while attending DLV.

I don't have Internet access and I am serious about attending. What are my options?

Diva Las Vegas is highly dependent on the Internet, for information, registration, etc.

You have two options:

  1. Use a public-access terminal, such as in public libraries or Kinkos shops, and a free e-mail account on a service such as Hotmail or Yahoo. This has actually worked quite well for a few people.

  2. Find a person with Internet access to act as go-between and print out such things as the FAQ and the weekly mailings and give them to you. This person can then fill in the registration screen for you.

Since you are either reading this on the web, or from a hardcopy that somebody printed out, one of the above options should be within your reach, if you are indeed serious about attending.

If you are shy about using your usual home or office e-mail account for DLV, sign up for a free web-access e-mail account through such a thing as Hotmail or Yahoo. It's easy, discreet, and free.

Sorry, we do not offer registration via postal mail or voice telephone.

Since no money changes hands for DLV registration, registering on the web, either by yourself using public facilities or by using a go-between will work fine.

I'm curious about how the weather will be in Las Vegas during DLV.

For DLV 2024, which is happening in early October, expected highs are in the mid to high 70s with lows in the 50s.

For our usual spring events ...

It varies quite a bit. Usually dry, highs in the 80's, lows in 60's, sometimes even high 50's. It can be over 100, though. It does not rain that often, but when it does, it POURS!

For our fall events, again it varies, but highs in the 70s and lows in the high 50s to low 60s can be expected.

Nights may be cool, but are very seldom cold. Sweater weather, not overcoat weather. :)

In most cases, you will probably not need a jacket or sweater except on the casino floor. :)

Bringing a small umbrella is recommended just in case.

What warnings, cautions, and suggestions do you have?

We're not trying to scare anybody off, but there are a few things gathered from over the years that you should make note of.

Please be VERY careful if you're tempted to use any of the various "adult" services such as escort agencies, outcall entertainers, etc. These businesses advertise heavily, but often operate outside of or just within the law and are poorly regulated. Incidents of assault and attempted robbery have occured when dealing with these people.

Do not open your hotel room door unless you are absolutely sure who it is. Do not even crack it, even if there is a security chain. If you are not expecting anybody, did not phone room service, houskeeping, maintenance, etc., do not open the door, but phone your hotel's security department.

If you're thinking of coming to DLV with the intention of picking up some extra spending money by engaging in blatantly illegal activities such as dealing drugs or practicing the world's oldest profession, STAY AWAY! Those activities are not welcome at DLV. That's not what DLV is all about. Never has been, never will be.

If you come to DLV with the expectation that you (or your group) will be the center of attention, you will be disappointed. No person or group, even the organizers and long-timers, acts in this role.

DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! Sobriety checkpoints occur occasionally on weekend nights.

Avoid appearing in mainstream public settings in any manner of dress that might be too attention-getting or provocative.

Don't overdress! Casual is the norm for daytime wear in Las Vegas, and is common in the evening as well. Dress to blend into the crowd. Save that glitzy evening gown for the night we go to the showroom.

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