Proposal For Consideration

This proposal will create a Standing Rule as follows:


We are proposing a means of encouraging donations to defray the costs of operating Diva Las Vegas 2020 as follows:


Donated funds will be collected prior to and during the DLV 2020 event as outlined immediately below.

1. Paypal donation buttons will be added to a screen which will appear at the conclusion of registration as well as via a button on the Attendee Information Portal.

This will allow the attendees to make donations using a Paypal account, a Venmo account, a major credit card, or a Visa/MC branded debit card.

Buttons which will populate the Paypal "amount" field at $20 and $40 will be included, as well as an "Another Amount" button.

The text accompanying the donation screen will read as follows:

"Diva Las Vegas has never charged a registration fee as most other TG events do. This year, to help supplement various expenses that event organizers have paid for out of pocket in past years, we are implementing a voluntary donation program. It is not mandatory to donate, but we would hope you would consider a donation, perhaps $20 or more, to help offset expenses and to provide funds to perhaps pay for gifts, or a FREE cocktail hour at one of our dinners. Thanks for helping out!"

The splash screen may be previewed at the following URL:

{link removed on web archive copy}

(Please note that this is "live" at this time, and clicking on any donation button when logged in to a Paypal account may begin the transaction process.) . . .

2. We will have up to two fundraising sessions, most likely held during the two major gatherings, but not limited to same, should circumstances warrant. These will be conducted with the consent of the Coordinator of record for the activities, and will follow all applicable laws and regulations as well as any venue regulations. . . .

3. Additional voluntary donations may be solicited in person at various times during the DLV 2020 event, depending on circumstances. . . .

4. Vendors and merchants may be approached for voluntary donations, in funds or in kind, toward the DLV program.

. . . . .

Retention of funds:

Collected funds will be automatically deposited from Paypal, or by normal deposit methods by those collecting funds in person, into a checking account which is controlled by {full names removed on web archive copy}

. . . . .

Use of funds:

Funds will be disbursed, on request, according to the following priorities:

First priority: Unreimbursed out-of-pocket expenses such as venue fees, forfeited deposits, minimum guarantees, no-show and no-pay expenses, etc.

Second priority: Recurring known expenses.

Third priority: Promotional and attendee appreciation expenses.

No collected funds are to be used for the personal expenses (travel, lodging, food and beverage, clothing, etc.) of any attendee or volunteer. . . .

The Financial Subcommittee will determine, specifically, how funds will be utilized and some decisions might have to be made on the fly during the event.

All disbursements are to be recorded with the date/time, the person paying the disbursement, the specific reason for disbursement, and to whom the payment is made. . . .

A formal "Giving Thanks" program is authorized at one of the major gatherings, using funds, as available, in the third priority above. Awards or gifts may be purchased for those commended. Those receiving said awards or gifts shall be selected by the Financial Subcommittee, using methods upon which they decide, with the advice and consent of the members of the DLV Administrative Committee who are present at the 2020 event. . . .

One open-to-all "Attendee Appreciation" activity is authorized, either stand-alone or prior to a major gathering, using funds, as available, in the third priority above. . . .

Funds not disbursed shall, by default, be held over as seed money for the next annual event, unless specifically authorized by the ORG Committee.

. . . . .

Responsibility, accountability, privacy and security:

An end-of-event report shall be made to the ORG Committee no later than one month after the conclusion of the DLV 2020 event. This report will consist of, at minimum, the amounts collected and an itemized listing of the payments made.

Additional financial information, with the exception of any personally identifiable information, will be made available to any ORG member of voting status upon request.

In the event that funds are collected or disbursed after the end-of-event report is made, an ad-hoc report will be made to the ORG group within one month of said transactions.

The registered names or DLV roster numbers of those making donations shall not be recorded, electronically or in writing.

The making of a donation, or lack of same, shall not affect an attendees' standing within the DLV program.

Personally identifiable information shall not be reported upon or released except on a demonstrated need to know basis.


. . . . . . . . . .

Vote results are:

In favor: 12
Opposed: 3
Abstain: 1
Duplicate: 1

Motion carries as of December 29, 2019.