DLV History, Trivia, Lore, and War Stories

This is a collection of various accounts, recollections, reflections, diaries, history, trivia, etc. over the DLV years.

Most of the material was presented in one form or another to the various DLV forums and mailing lists over the years.

The original authors are free to identify themselves if they wish. :)

Blow-By-Blow, a DLV 2001 diary
$.02, adjusted for inflation
Another Blow-By-Blow diary
Some DLV musings ...
DLV Chronicles, thoughts, etc.
Yet Another DLV Diary
Ramblings about DLV 2002 ...
DLV Trivia, History, Lore -- The 7-11 story.
Galiano [sic]
More DLV history notes
DLV Trivia Quiz (updated 02-2011)
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