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Postby administrator » Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:01 pm

On various screens, you will see certain "Titles" assigned to individual users of this system.

These are not intended to be ranks or status symbols, but they indicate the degree to which a user is associated with the Diva Las Vegas program.

Here's what those titles mean:

* Guest - New user of MyDLV. Has not attended DLV.

* Registrant - Has registered for the upcoming event, but has not attended.

* Attendee - Has attended DLV once.

* Sophomore - Has attended DLV twice.

* Junior - Has attended DLV three times.

* Senior - Has attended DLV four or more times.

* Volunteer - Is a member in good standing in the DLV Volunteer Group.

* Coordinator - Has coordinated one or more DLV activities.

* Elector - Voting status within the DLV Volunteer Group.

Don't like your title? It's very easy to raise it to Volunteer. :)
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