Diva Las Vegas Logo Shop

The Log Shop is no longer active. The page is retained for historical purposes only.

Please note that all Diva Las Vegas logo items are produced and sold by an independent vendor which is not affiliated with Diva Las Vegas. DLV receives no income from the sale of these items. Any difficulties or disputes must be handled directly between you and the vendor.
Wear Your DLV Colors !

Cafe Press now offers a variety of DLV logo items, such as those shown here and more. These items are in stock now and typically ship in 2-3 business days or sooner.

To view the entire line and place your order, please click HERE (Will open in new window.)

Thanks to Dorothy for setting up and maintaining the DLV Logo Shop.

Diva Las Vegas logo copyright © 1999, all rights reserved. Used by permission for DLV logo merchandise.

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