General registration for Diva Las Vegas 2022 is closed.

We offer "Last Minute" registration which will allow participation in some DLV activities.

If you wish to register using the "Last Minute" procedure, please do the following:

  1. Please review the DLV website and be aware of what DLV is and what it is not. For the record, DLV is a social event for the TG community and is not sexually oriented.

  2. Carefully read the Conditions Of Participation, the Dress, Restroom, and Behavior guidelines, and Waiver of Liability on the web at the following URLs:



    Please be aware that lewd, confrontational, or disruptive behavior at DLV activities will result in immediate ejection. Illegal behavior (drugs, pandering, etc.) will be reported to the authorities.

  3. Send e-mail to and request instructions for last-minute registration. Please allow 24 hours for a response since our volunteers may not be checking email as often as they normally do.

    Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.