DLV 2021-2022 Volunteers

Please note that currently active volunteers (if you are currently receiving the DLVORG Mailing List you are considered to be an active volunteer) do not need to submit this form.

e-mail address:
DLV volunteers communicate by way of a moderated mailing list titled DLVORG. You may expect to receive these mailings approximately once per week beginning shortly. This list is confidential and militantly spam-free.

How many times have you attended DLV?

Please answer a few quick questions to indicate your interest. You will be able to give input more personally on the ORG list.

How many activities are you willing to coordinate or help with for DLV 2022?

Please indicate your estimate of how involved you wish to be and how much time and effort you are willing to devote.

This is not a commitment.


What type of activity are you MOST interested in helping with?

Please check the one that interests you most. This will not restrict you from volunteering for other activities or other functions if you wish.

Something like a show or a similar activity.

A group meal or something similar, either one-time or recurring.

Something outdoorsy or touristy, such as a field trip, side trip, hike, visit to a local or out-of-town attraction, etc.

Something recreational, such as golf, bowling, etc.
Something strictly social, such as a mixer, house party, garden party, etc.
About anything. You tell me what you need help with.