Diva Las Vegas Photo Guidelines:

If you have any specific questions or concerns about photography at
DLV 2006, please see Annie or Michelle (NZ) in person. Ask any DLV
volunteer if you do not know these people.

The basic rule is for everybody to use consideration, courtesy, and
common sense when taking photographs at DLV.

Although we understand that some attendees may be camera-shy, and we
respect the wishes of those who do not wish to be photographed, there
are no guarantees.
. . . . .

Media guidelines:

If you represent the press, a publication, or a commercial web site, or
plan to submit photos of DLV for print publication, broadcast, or any
commercial use including "pay" web sites, we ask that you first identify
yourself to Annie or Michelle (NZ) (ask any DLV volunteer if you do not
know these individuals) prior to taking any photos or conducting any
interviews, and follow certain guidelines which will be discussed with
you in person.

We realize that there is no practical way of enforcing this, but we're
asking you to please do so as a courtesy, and so we may assist you in
getting what you want.
. . . . .

Attendee guidelines:

At most DLV activities, there are no general restrictions on the taking
of noncommercial personal photographs.

It can be assumed that many people present will have cameras and will be
taking pictures throughout the event at all activities.

Some activities may have special photography requests, conditions, and
restrictions. These cases will be clearly noted here or on the detailed

There will be special photography restrictions for the Night Of The
Soiled Doves. These will be discussed in person with those present as
the trip arrives at the destination. (Short version: Leave your camera
at home or in your hotel room or lock your camera in your vehicle, out
of sight.) The official photos of NSD will be made available to all.

Please ask explicit permission of all people in view if you take photos
during the "Little Girl" get-together.

If you wish to take pictures at Metropolitan Community Church, please do
so after the service.

There may be photography restrictions on the Art Tour. Please consult
signs or museum guides.

Shows will usually have strict photography prohibitions.

It can also be assumed that a significant number of the photos taken at
DLV will end up on the web.
. . . . .

Camera-shy individuals, please follow these guidelines:

1. In a courteous manner, please inform anybody who is taking pictures
if you do not want to be photographed. Remind them at each activity at
which they are taking pictures. Please don't assume that they will
remember who you are or that you do not wish to be photographed. Refresh
their memory if they point a camera your way.

2. Be aware that during the excitement of the moment, those taking
pictures may not remember that you do not wish to be photographed. If
somebody points a camera your way, wave him or her off or turn your
head. A "push-off" wave of one hand with the palm forward or a "pilots
wave" of both hands with palms forward and forearms in an "X" are almost
certainly to be recognized as a "don't shoot" signal.

3. If you don't want to be photographed, do not pose whenever a call is
made for a group photograph, including  informal group photographs at
such activities as the Limo Tour and Golf.
. . . . .

Photographers, please observe the following:

1. Please respect the wishes of those who do not want to be
photographed. From our organizers' perspective, the right to not
be photographed comes before your right to take photographs.

2. Please use discretion when photographing anybody in boymode,
mixed-mode, or any state of undress or incomplete dress.

3. Please look beyond the subject of your photographs to avoid including
those in the background who might not want to be in your photographs.
. . . . .

We encourage individuals to take personal photos at all DLV activities.
If you attend the smaller activities (High Tea, shopping, etc.) or if
you get together with others and do things on your own, please get some
photos, as there will be fewer cameras present than at the major

After DLV, there will be a "Call For Photos" and everybody is asked to
submit their photos.

We will not accept photos which have been obviously altered, such as
eyes blacked out, blurred faces, captioned, obvious fakes or composites,

When we put together the "official" DLV 2006 followup pages, we will
post all candidate photos in a private staging area. All attendees will
have the opportunity to preview these and everybody will have a
reasonable number of "no" votes on any photos in which they appear.
. . . . .

Photo hints:

If you have a digital camera with the feature that stamps the date on
the photo, please consider turning that off. You'll find that the
software that manages your photos or your PC and/or your computer's
operating system will timestamp your files in a way that does not ruin
the photo.

If you want that date in there, consider composing your photo such that
the subject you want is to the left and above the date for most cameras
when taking in "landscape" mode.

If you're taking photos of people on a stage which is lit using stage
lights, set your flash for "always on" or "fill" so you will be sure to
get adequate lighting. Many point-and-shoot cameras are confused by
stage lighting and will not give the best results with the flash in the
"auto" mode.