Conditions Of Participation

All of the "administrivia" have now been moved to this one page, contained in three sections. Please read each section carefully, and if you agree with them, indicate by clicking the checkbox on the main registration screen.

Conditions Of Participation
We're extending this invitation to you to join us for the event we call Diva Las Vegas providing you agree to the following conditions:

  1. That when you register for Diva Las Vegas, you do so with the intent of following through, showing up, and participating as you indicated. We expect you to please cancel your registration if you find you are unable to attend DLV after you register.

  2. That you dress and act as a lady or a gentleman, in accordance with the gender you are presenting at any given time, and agree to abide by our Behavior, Dress, and Restroom guidelines, shown to the right.

  3. That you refrain from illegal activities. Patently illegal behavior (pandering, sale/use of illegal drugs, etc.) will not be tolerated, and if necessary will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

  4. That you be polite and courteous when dealing with other DLV participants, vendors, merchants, hotel/restaurant/showroom staff, the general public. etc.

  5. That you agree to attend and participate at your own risk, in accordance with our Waiver Of Liability, shown to the right.
Behavior, Dress, Restroom use ...
All attendees are expected to behave as a lady or gentleman, in accordance with the gender being presented at the time.

Behavior which attracts unnecessary attention to one's self, other individuals, or the group as a whole, is not allowed.

Behavior intended to flaunt transgenderism or gender-bending is not allowed.

Any behavior which demonstrates a blatant lack of consideration of others will not be tolerated.

Confrontational or disruptive behavior will result in dismissal from all further DLV participation.

Dress and presentation must be either complete boymode or complete girlmode at any given time.

All attendees are expected to make a conscientious effort to project a positive image in the mode being presented.

Outfits must be age-appropriate, size-appropriate and occasion-appropriate.

Specific dress suggestions (and restrictions, if any) for each DLV activity will appear on the final schedule.

You are on your own to decide what public restroom facilities you will use, if any. At most activities, no special arrangements for restroom use will be made.

If you choose to use public restrooms, use them properly, discreetly, and individually.

If unisex restrooms are available, please use them.

Never use a public restroom in groups! This practice shows blatant disregard for others and will not be tolerated.

Avoid any obvious use of public restrooms. Do not conspicuously enter a public restroom in the immediate vicinity of obvious groups of our attendees.

Waiver of Liability
I am fully aware that there are known and unknown risks and hazards connected with my voluntary participation in the event known as Diva Las Vegas.

I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any loss, property damage or personal injury that may be sustained by me as a result of my participation in the event.

I understand that DLV is not responsible for actions of other attendees, vendors, hotel staff, or law enforcement personnel, even if such actions are unlawful or demeaning.

I understand that activities associated with DLV may require transportation that has the normal vehicular risks. I understand that DLV will NOT hold or organize transportation to or from any event or activity nor will DLV make any attempt to locate me if I do not show for an event or activity (going or returning).

I am aware that while DLV takes reasonable precautions to protect my identity, it can not be guaranteed.

I understand that DLV is not responsible for any hotel services or lack there of.

As a condition of registering for and accepting any invitation to attend a DLV event I, my assigns, and heirs hold harmless the DLV organizers, volunteers and hosts from any and all liability in the event of my injury or other loss while participating in any DLV sponsored activity.