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[dlv] Activity Sign-Up and latest DLV updates ...

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This is the Diva Las Vegas 2021 announcement mailing list.

If you no longer desire to receive this list, see list removal
instructions below.
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In this mailing:

Activity Sign-Up
The Covid-19 situation
Activity Highlight - Pole Dance Instruction
Final Attendee Information
Summary schedule
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Welcome to all who have recently registered or joined our mailing list!
If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this mailing and
let us know.

Plans are continuing very nicely and our schedule is full of fun things
to do. Big thanks go out to our activity Coordinators who have put
together an exceptional slate of activities this year!

One caveat please! Our schedule has gone through countless additions and
changes in the recent days and weeks, and it is very important that all
attendees use only the final official schedules when attending the
event. Please do not be the victim of an out-of-date working schedule
which has been circulating around!

Several versions of the schedule (desktop-friendly, mobile-friendly,
etc.) will be available as part of the Final Attendee Information,
which will be sent out just prior to the event.
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Activity Sign-Up:

Everyone who registered for DLV 2021 prior to Friday, August 20, should
have now received their invitation to sign up for activities.

This is where you tell us which of the many optional activities that you
want to do.

In the event that you are registered and have not received this, simply
return to your Attendee Information Portal (the link you received very
shortly after you registered) and click on the green "Activity Sign-Up"

Please make your initial activity selections as soon as possible!

Space is limited on many of the activities and in most cases it will be
first signed, first served. (In some cases it will be first paid, first

If you have any issues with Activity Sign-Up, please send an email to
tech@divalas.vegas and we'll get right back to you.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Covid-19 situation:

The good news is that as of this writing, the Covid-19 situation in Las
Vegas appears to be showing signs of stabilizing. The overall situation
is, however, still uncertain, and we are keeping a very close watch on

If things continue to improve, there is a very good chance that we will
be able to have a near-normal event in October.
. . . . .

Recent news reports have noted that many events, venues, and activities
in Las Vegas now require or will require documentation of Covid-19
vaccination for entry or for participation.

The way Diva Las Vegas is organized, the authority lies at the
individual activity level and not at the event level as a whole.

Therefore, it will be up to the individual volunteer activity
Coordinators to decide if vaccinated status will or will not be
required for participation in their activities.

Activities that require participants to be vaccinated will have a
note reading "This activity is open only to those fully vaccinated
for Covid-19." in the "Notes" field of all full versions of the
final schedule, and, if applicable, on the Activity Sign-Up screen.

In addition, some venues in which our activities are held may require
proof of vaccination for entry or for service.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that attendees who are vaccinated
bring documentation of such vaccination and carry it at all times when
in Las Vegas.

Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Activity Highlight - Pole Dance Instruction:

We have a private class from 1-2:15pm on Friday, October 29th at the
Pole Fitness Studio (https://www.polefitnessstudio.com/) which is on
Arville St. just off Flamingo.

We recommend that girls try to arrive 10-15 min early to fill out a
waiver if they have not been to the studio before.

It will cost $40 per person, payable at the activity.

The classroom has 17 poles so that is the natural limit for signup.

Recommend that girls wear athletic wear (think yoga clothes, sport bra
etc). Wear what makes you feel sexy and comfortable and gives you
freedom to move. It does help to have exposed skin on your arms and
legs when you want to grip the pole.

All participating in Pole Dancing must be fully vaccinated - we are
going to be inside and exercising.

You can sign up for the Pole Dance Instruction on your Activity Sign-Up
screen. Space is limited, first signed, first served.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Final Attendee Information:

During the week just prior to our big event, we will be sending out
links to the Final Attendee Information, which will consist of such
things as:

* The Bare Minimum (Quick-Start guide)
* Late Notices - Changes - Updates
* Contact Information
* Maps And Schedules
* What to do in case something is wrong
* Directions to major gatherings
* New Attendee Welcome and Orientation
* Setting up cell phone and e-mail activity reminders
* If you are feeling uneasy or uncertain
* Making contact, checking in, etc.
* Getting there and getting around
* Photography information and Guidelines

As in recent years, we will also have our DLV Group Text, which will
allow real-time announcements, Q&A, discussion, etc.

Please watch for your Final Attendee Information mailing during the week
immediately prior to the big event.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Summary schedule:

Diva Las Vegas 2021
Working schedule as of August 21 2021
All times Pacific Daylight Time

Tuesday, October 26:
7:30am: Morning Walk With Julie
8:00am: Katie's Koffee Korner
12:00n : Bowling
12:00n : Lunch With Jennifer
1:00pm: Flyover
1:00pm: Flamingo On-Site Check-In
5:00pm: New Attendee Welcome and Orientation
5:45pm: New Attendee Meet and Greet
6:00pm: Welcome Happy Hour
7:00pm: Welcome Dinner
8:30pm: Welcome Gathering
9:00pm: Official DLV Group Photo
10:00pm: Louder Common Gathering
10:00pm: Quieter Common Gathering

Wednesday, October 27:
7:30am: Morning Walk With Julie
8:00am: Katie's Koffee Korner
10:00am: My Memoir Discussion
11:00am: Wig Seminar
12:00n : Lunch With Marg
12:00n : (Wildside Pool Party)
1:00pm: Flamingo On-Site Check-In
2:00pm: Art Tour
5:00pm: DLV Common Social Hour
6:00pm: Happy Hour options
6:00pm: PF Chang Happy Hour
6:00pm: Tilted Kilt Happy Hour
6:00pm: Chayo Happy Hour
7:00pm: Dining options
7:00pm: PF Chang dining option
7:00pm: Tilted Kilt Dining
7:00pm: Chayo dining option
8:00pm: WeeBWednesday Costume-Cosplay
8:00pm: Erotic Heritage Museum
10:00pm: Louder Common Gathering
10:00pm: Quieter Common Gathering

Thursday, October 28:
7:30am: Morning Walk With Julie
8:00am: Katie's Koffee Korner
10:00am: Diva Las Vegas Invitational Golf
11:00am: Crossdresser Heaven meet-greet luncheon
12:00n : Makeup Seminar and Demo
1:00pm: Model Railroad and Railfan Social
2:00pm: Monster Mini Golf
5:00pm: DLV Common Social Hour
6:00pm: Happy Hour options
6:00pm: Cleaver - Butchered Happy Hour
6:00pm: Ruth's Chris Happy Hour
6:00pm: Hofbrau Happy Hour
7:00pm: Dining options
7:00pm: Ruth's Chris dining option
7:00pm: Cleaver - Butchered Dining Option
7:00pm: Hofbrau dining option
9:30pm: RuPaul's Drag Race
10:00pm: Louder Common Gathering
10:00pm: Quieter Common Gathering

Friday, October 29:
7:30am: Morning Walk With Julie
10:00am: Tennis and Pickleball
11:00am: Wigs with Wendy
1:00pm: Pole Dance Instruction
3:00pm: Day Drinking Class
5:00pm: DLV Common Social Hour
6:00pm: Happy Hour options
6:00pm: Carmine's Happy Hour
6:00pm: Jimmy's At Madisons Happy Hour
7:00pm: Dining options
7:00pm: Carmine's dining
7:00pm: Jimmy's At Madisons dining option
8:00pm: Polynesian House Party
10:00pm: Louder Common Gathering
10:00pm: Quieter Common Gathering

Saturday, October 30:
12:00n : Lunch With DeeDee
1:00pm: Techie-Maker-Hacker Social
1:00pm: Exotic Racing
3:00pm: Day Drinking Class
6:00pm: Cocktail Hour
7:00pm: Combined DLV-Wildside Dinner and Social

Sunday, October 31:
12:00n : Lunch With AJ
5:00pm: DLV Common Social Hour
7:00pm: Halloween Downtown

Monday, November 1:
11:00am: Going-Away Brunch
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This is the Diva Las Vegas 2021 Announcement mailing list.

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Diva Las Vegas 2021
October 26 - November 1
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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