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Diva Las Vegas spring or fall discussion ...

Postby External Poster » Sat Feb 17, 2024 8:25 am

(Please reply to this message with your "Spring or Fall?" comments.

Heads up! Well-in-advance-notice:

Please read this very carefully, noting the items that are capitalized
for emphasis.

We are giving advance notice that one fairly significant change to our
program has been proposed.

When DLV was started in 1997, it happened in the spring. No particular
reason, it just occurred around a weekend that most of those who were
interested could make it.

By tradition, DLV occurred in the spring from that year forward until

When the Covid pandemic hit in 2020, we went through a series of
postponements, and the fall of 2021 was our first opportunity to have a
safe and meaningful event.

Since the pandemic, we have continued to hold our annual events in the
fall, and will continue to do so AT LEAST THROUGH the 2024 event.

Some of our volunteers have expressed a desire to revert to our
once-traditional spring schedule. If this is to happen, it will most
likely be by a vote of the volunteers of voting status.


At this time, this is in a preliminary discussion phase only.


We have volunteers on record for reverting to a spring event and those
on record for continuing with a fall event. We also have volunteers who
are very neutral on this issue, wanting a place on the calendar that is
best for the program overall.

If such a change is to happen, the EARLIEST it could happen would be for
the 2025 annual event.

One of the most important factors we will be considering as we
contemplate this change are the wishes of attendees, both past attendees
and prospective attendees.

Please be prepared for some in-depth questioning and surveys on this
topic in person during DLV 2024 and immediately following.

Your comments are welcome, beginning now.

To comment, you may post your thoughts and feeling on the DLV Discussion
Forum, which is on line here:


We will announce any significant items as soon as possible. Please do
not expect any binding decisions or anything significant until after the
2024 event has concluded.
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