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DLV 2023 survey report part 2 ...

Postby administrator » Sat Dec 09, 2023 1:01 am

This report contains the written comments and suggestions which came in on the
DLV 2023 Attendee Survey.

Comfort comments:

. . . . .

very comfortable
. . . . .

. . . . .

The amount of smoke and creepy dudes just hanging around in flamingo and
linq is concerning when exploring by yourself or waiting for others.
. . . . .

I didnbt feel welcome to the {named activity} because i was in boy mode.
I wish there was more clear communication about the requirements for
bdressing up.b
. . . . .

At first felt odd walking over to harrah
. . . . . . . . . .

Restroom comments:

Bathrooms were a non issue this year.
. . . . .

Bathroom at link was not clean and noisy.
. . . . . . . . . .

Activity suggestions:

I'd love to do an informal bridesmades party. A chance to dress up and
party in a suite or venue.
. . . . .

I would love to help improve participation in DLV activities during the
day, and explore some budget friendly options at mealtimes.
. . . . .

Lower price things
. . . . .

All the dinners on Wednesday were on the high side. Can we please have
more affordable meals? Get a hotel with free parking.
. . . . .

Can we get a tour of the Sphere? Synchronize it with Vegas Pride.
. . . . .

More less expense dinners. I went off by myself Wednesday because all
were high price.
. . . . .

Erotic museum, Soiled doves, Bar crawl
. . . . . . . . . .

New venue suggestions:


. . . . .

We went to Penn and Teller on our own. It was great!
. . . . .

Seven of us went to a fun bar with a band at Mandalay Bay. Cannot
remember the name.
. . . . .

Yes, a couple of times went shopping at malls and to dance by myself at
Carnival Court.
. . . . .

Live music and dancing at Mandalay Bay was fun. The Thriller Halloween
Party at the Inspire night club near the Fremont Experience it was very
fun and people were friendly.
. . . . .

Went Dancing at a local night club: Piranha on Friday night.
. . . . .

Blueberry Hill
. . . . .

Yes, Ellis Island Great food and cheap compared to others
. . . . .

It's time to revisit the Erotic Heritage Museum, it's constantly

I had a meal at Flour and Barley. It would be a good option for a small
group lunch.
. . . . .

Do you count things like the donut shop?
. . . . .

Just the bar at the linq which was overpriced.
. . . . .

Yes, called Everybodys Favorite or something, good food, don't remember
exact name.
. . . . .

Chayo for breakfast
. . . . . . . . . .

General comments:

The Animazing Gallery at the Venetian for the Art Tour was difficult to
. . . . .

Love the girls and the activities. Vegas traffic and crowds are hard to
handle. It might be fun to have smal diva over 3 days in Palm springs
. . . . .

The quiet common gathering was not at Harrah's on Monday the 23rd it was
at Whisky Licker up downtown.
. . . . .

Bahama breeze was woefully understaffed. It was a disaster
. . . . .

Maybe a more timely announcement when group photos at Bahama Breeze is
. . . . .

Went to lunch at Stinkys Garage, but could find no one else and received
no notice of cancelation. Was disappointed in this since it took some
effort to find the location and to find parking.
. . . . .

Low attendance. Lack of direction and organizational in events
. . . . .

Bahama Breeze staff was friendly and courteous but was not organized
well, e. g. meals served at same table 20 minutes apart; had to stay
about an extra hour to pay bill. Felt sorry for the staff who worked
their best but were overwhelmed.
. . . . .

Thanks for organizing. I enjoyed the activities and meeting others.
Loved the opportunity to wear my "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"
sequin dresses. Enjoyed the limo night. Enjoyed meeting others.
. . . . .

DLV was well run and fun. It was every thing I expected. How ever
being Canadian and paying a 35% surcharge CDN vs USD combined with The
Vegas strip being rediculously expensive make it hard to justify coming
. . . . .

Having events in freemont without a group bus or transportation on the
first night i was there, made it impossible to find a ride. Uber wanted
$72 and I wasnt able to get any group texts about rides so I missed out
on the activities.
. . . . .

The strip is very expensive some off strip places may be a little
cheaper to stay possibly. Some off strip bars either karaoke or LGBTQ
could be fun and drinks way cheaper than $19 to $28 a drink at most all
Bars on the strip.
. . . . .

Hotel was much to expensive for what you get.
. . . . .

1. Many many thanks to all the volunteers who made DLV 2023 happen!

2. Overall I enjoyed DLV this year. I split my time between DLV
activities and activities on my own. All participants were friendly and
fun. Restaurant choices were good. Lots of fun.

3. I had one activity where the host/hostess did not make themselves
visible. As I was the only person who participated in that particular
activity, I had lunch on my own that day. That was unfortunates. I can
handle it because I go out on my own a lot; it would have been bad if I
were a beginner or extra nervous.

4. I particularly enjoyed going to see the Vegas show with the group.
Very fun.

5. At one activity, one participant was wearing a very inappropriate
(in my opinion) outfit. It made me uncomfortable and I felt it was not
in the spirit of DLV.

6. When I attend DLV, I sometimes split my time between 2 or 3
different hotels. I don't know if others do this, but it might be
interesting to add this option to the survey.

7. I suggest that we pull DLV earlier into October in the future.
Halloween is not important to me and Formula 1 preparations are a real
nuisance. Maybe if DLV was a week or two earlier, we could experience a
little less F1 disruption.

8. Thank you all again!
. . . . .

Hotel rooms were outrageous in price. Could not afford it Discount was
not really a discount. Stayed at Ellis Is with a friend and loved it
there. Drinks were outrageous most places. Muct better prices at Ellis
. . . . . .

I was initially disappointed that many of the people I used to see at
DLV didn't attend this year. However, it gave me the motivation to
reach out and get to know some of the newer folks. We are a wonderful,
friendly and interesting group and it filled me with joy at times.

I was unaware that the venue for the Art Tour had two shops and the
group took time to get together. A little more planning would have
avoided that extra walking and confusion.

The Limo Tour remains one of my favorite activities. Thanks to the
organizers for a smooth operation.

yeah, what everyone said about Bahama Breeze.

I loved walking through the Linq and seeing other DLVers sitting and
talking. They were always open to have one more body join in on the
conversation. The stories and their background apart from DLV were
great and I appreciate them sharing.
. . . . .

Please communicate more clearly about crossdressing requirements. Some
of us do not choose to, nor have the energy to, crossdress during the
entire DLV. If certain activities require attendees to be crossdressed
then it should be communicated ahead of time and not at the start of the
activity. It was my understanding from reading the DLV site that not
every attendee has to crossdress. I was a little disappointed to learn
otherwise at a start of an activity and was discouraged from
. . . . .

Hi, I was already planning on being in LV starting on the 19th so I
registered and worked hard to extend my trip but unfortunately could not
and had to leave on Monday.

I was very intimidated by the whole LV scene and only ventured out
dressed once to Harrahs on Sunday. It was an experience.

Unfortunately I can't say much since I didn't get to really attend and
meet people. Thank you for having this event, I appreciate your
contribution to our community.
. . . . .

Did not find group at Tilt Kilt. Looked all over. Met 2 more and we
just got a tble ourslves and it was great. Tried calling but no answer.
. . . . .

Hey, how about holding it in Palm Springs next year. Lots more
reasonable in cost.
. . . . .

Ruth's Steak house I had an issue finding the happy hour group as it was
not at Ruth's Steak house.

The Ruth Steak house staff was very unhelpful. I asked if they had a
large group attending at 7 just to confirm it was still on they said
they had nothing like that. I almost did not attend.

Had difficulty finding the Limo tour and wasn't happy that no effort on
placing friends posted on sign up together, I decided after all the
confusion to just not go. No regrets won't sign up again.

I did enjoy DLV Overall loved the interactions and meeting and making
new friends. Just pointing out a couple things. A wonderful welcomimg
. . . . .

Great Diva this year but ver very very expensive. Linq is nice but very
costly in hotel and food and drink. Parking a rental is a ripoff. Once
a year I can afford it but some girls probably cant. You need more
budget friendly events, food, drink, shows, et.
. . . . .

Only stayed 3 days this year. All I could afford. Great event, wish I
could stay more.
. . . . .

DLV seems a bit locked in a timewarp. Needs some vision and thinking
around it's approach to understanding gender as well as a serious
revamping of the website. That said, it may be the case that DLV is
just intended for a demographic that is not mine. Appreciate that it
. . . . .

Thank you for efforts making this a great event.
. . . . .

There was far less bitching and badmouthing this year and I appreciate
it. Last year it was very annoying and I almost did not come back
. . . . .

Was very surprised to see as many guys there this year.
. . . . .

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Those who in charge of events NEED TO wear name
tags. We need to know that you are with the Diva group and that you are
the one to go to.
. . . . .

great people, great event, but parking is much much too expensive at the
. . . . .

Expected to see most of the girls far younger, but pleasantly surprised
that there were many my age.
. . . . .

OMG Expensive! Only way I can afford this next year is to put 50 away
each payday and hope I don't need to touch it.
. . . . .

Could not find diva group at most locations.
. . . . .

spring time
. . . . .

When you say onsite check-in, does this mean the one at the Bahama?
. . . . .

diiner options should list name so you don't have to go back and click
on dinne to get name.

should have been a group pictuture and i wish the people who coordinated
events were introduced at Bahama Breeze and thanked
. . . . .

Herb's and Rye had the best steaks of the whole week. Too bad only 3 of
us attended there. Also, when meeting at a restaurant, specify where to
meet. Twice we went in, unawares that people were meeting somewhere
outside first.
. . . . .

Never use the linq staff are just not helpful and condescending towards

Not issues with be crossdressed though with staff just some disdainful
looks from some guests there and one comment asking if I still had my
Dick. The man did a drive by apparently he did not want to talk about
. . . . .

DLV table tents at restaurants and use of email to contact hosts (for
those not wanting to reveal their phone numbers) when showing up late to
venues. Maybe even handheld signs like chauffeurs use at the airport.
. . . . .

I only attended the weekend and could not find the group at most all
places. Nobody answereed the phones. Still had good time but was to
ourselves. The weekend stay-over was worthless.
. . . . .

Vegas is just too expensive.
. . . . .

Maybe a few weeks earlier please.
. . . . .

I spend more on booze than food this trip. Drink are much too
. . . . .

How about holding it just a few weeks earlier, like Pride Week.
. . . . .

It's not evident til you get there who the others will be like. Is this
supposed to be for crossdressers or transgenders or for those
transitioning? Hard to tell.
. . . . .

The quiet common gathering was not at Harrah's on Monday the 23rd it was
at Whisky Licker up downtown.
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