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DLV 2022 Survey results, part 2 ..

Postby External Poster » Sat Dec 10, 2022 2:33 pm

Comments received on the survey:

Activity comfort comments:

I was treated with respect and dignity by all employees at the Flamingo.
. . . . .

Opening dinner a gurl in pink mini looked like a hooker!
. . . . .

everything was always beautiful!!
. . . . . . . . . .

Restroom comments:

restrooms not well marked
. . . . .

was worried about public bathrooms but turned out to be no big deal
. . . . .

No bathroom issues at all, I don't think anybody even noticed me.
. . . . . . . . . .

Activity suggestions:

Please include the Limo tour again! Need a few more daytime options.
. . . . .

Small group in quiet areas would be nice.
. . . . .

Top golf was really fun. RedRocks hiking would be a fun activity. Day
drinking and dancing at Carnival Court is my favorite activity.
. . . . .

Dinning groups could be a little larger
. . . . .

I was really hoping to attend a makeup seminar but didn't get signed up
in time. Having more sessions available would be terrific.

I am also open to hiking in the Las Vegas area, such as Red Rock, if the
event is held in the spring, when it is a bit warmer.
. . . . .

I had to choose between several concurrent activities, golf and wigs for
example. Would have liked to do both.
. . . . .

I wish DLV had more "dressy" events. I chose to go to Golden Steer
mostly because it seemed like a restaurant where it would be appropriate
to dress up a bit (and it was).

4. More off strip activities like Illuminarium would be fun
. . . . .

Bring back limo tour! bring back soiled doves! bring back bar crawl!
. . . . .

I would enjoy an opportunity to do some dancing with the group
. . . . .

the big wheel at the link
. . . . .

Best events: Bahama, Pinball Wizards
. . . . .

Halloween events were over-rated and not worth it.
. . . . . . . . . .

New venue suggestions:

Be nice to have a chance to do a cocktail dress or ball gown some type
of event
. . . . .

Piranha's night club in the fruit loop was lots of fun
. . . . .

In my experience DLV attendees could go to any venue.
. . . . .

1. Wow! show at Rio. Very fun
2. Springs Preserve museums and gardens
3. Carnival Court
. . . . .

Went to Tilted Kilt by myself one night not with diva group.
. . . . .

Maybe some shows. Magic shows or RuPaul's drag race was at the
flamingo. That would have been right up our alley.
. . . . .

Yes, several casino bars and restaurants just going off by myself only.
. . . . .

Chicago Joe, but not sure it would make a good Diva event.
. . . . . . . . . .

General comments:

As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at DLV. My only wish is that
I could attend longer, but that is a function of my schedule and
commitments moreso than DLV's. I would prefer a timeframe of mid-Nov,
but I understand many don't care for the colder weather at that time.
. . . . .

Last year's American Legion Italian Restaurant was lots of fun with
great food and Halloween contest, I would like to see that event again.
. . . . .

I was VERY disappointed with the Chayo at the Ling. I had signed up for
the dinner on Tuesday night. When I went to the restaurant at the
appointed time I was told it was closed for a private event.
. . . . .

Follow up on question > Would you attend another DLV?,, Probably Not,
only because of moving away from Vegas area,, to east coast.
. . . . .

Thanks all, especially Anne, Meshell, Dionne and Cami!
. . . . .

I had only 3 concerns:

1. We got there in time for the Monday 1:00 sign-in and it had to be
cancelled. They did take care of it the next day at the wig seminar,
and we found out that we were already signed in. A little confusing.

2. Group picture at Bahama Breeze. Waited and waited for that to
happen, had to run to grocery store, got back as everybody was leaving.
Totally missed it.

3. We tried to follow the map to Dennys. It took us on Main Street,
never did find it. So we decided to go do some shopping that we wanted
to do and ended up eating at Dominos. It was still a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, our room rate went up Thursday night, so we had to leave.
Otherwise, GREAT!!!
. . . . .

I sent text messages to the coordinators of the mini-golf and Chayo's.
In neither case did I receive a reply.

I had trouble finding parking and then locating mini-golf. Events held
in larger venues, such as casinos, need more specific information
regarding where to park and where to look once at that venue.

I plan to attend next year whether the event is held in the spring or
fall, but my preference is for the spring because the weather is better.
. . . . .

Thanks to all who worked very hard in organizing this years event! Great
. . . . .

One limiting factor for me was the cost of parking at Strip
Hotel/Casinos. I either curtailed my time or avoided participating to
avoid those fees. Not because I can't afford them, but because I see
them as another nickel/dime insult.

As an organizer I appreciated those who contacted me when they couldn't
attend. Thank you, it made my effort much less anxious.

I enjoyed DLV, but I probably won't stay the entire week in the future.
Even staying that long there were people I wanted to visit but couldn't
make it happen.
. . . . .

I don't like how the golf game was on the saturday. I wanted to play
but when I saw the day for the game, it was too expensive to play due to
the extra hotel related expenses so I didn't bother
. . . . .

I tried to suspend the group text several times as I felt people were
using it way to much to just gab back and forth but it did not work for
me. I won't sign up for it next time.
. . . . .

The web page showed the event going from Oct 23 to 28 but in reality the
events went through Oct 30th and by the time I realized that I was
unable to rearrange my schedule so I had to leave and miss the last 2
days of events. Please make sure the dates match the events so people
can plan.
. . . . .

A million thanks to Annie and all the volunteers who make DLV possible!

One comment: I know that last minuet things come up and everyone
deserves a lot of slack, but I find it odd that so many people can sign
up for an activity and then not show! 12 people signed up for dinner at
Off the Strip -- but only two of us showed up! It was very embarrassing
for the volunteer hostess who had to explain to the restaurant
management that we wouldn't be needing our table of 12. I think we can
do better than this.
. . . . .

Thanks to all who put this on. I know its hard work and I wish I had
time to help out.
. . . . .

Hotel was too expensive, food was too expensive, drinks were outrageous,
everything is getting too expensive!

Please consider having Diva during Pride week vice Haloween week.
Hotels are cheaper then, i checked to be sure.
. . . . .

You need to have golf during the main part of the event and not on the
expensive weekend.
. . . . .

staying over the weekend is far to expensive
. . . . .

Please use a larger font size on the web site and emails. An awful lot
of us are at the age in life when tiny print is not our friend.
. . . . .

I like the new schedule in the fall, but don't keep it on haloween since
the hotels are crazy expensive.
. . . . .

Very well organized and fun event. Crowd was more firendly and outgoing
than at other events.
. . . . .

First, let me explain why I say I will probably not be back, I've been
going out more and more by myself and I'm finding I enjoy things better
and get far less attention if I'm alone and not with other T-Girls. I
thank Diva for getting me out and about and I will be foreever thankful
for Diva giving me the confidence to get out and live it up.
. . . . .

In actuality, you had 2 events this year. You had the main Diva, and
then the Halloween Diva, and it was just too expensive to do both
although I paid for it. Main Diva was fantastic. Halloween Diva was
much too expensive and the girls were standoffish. Downtown was a big
let-down. Please divorce Diva from Halloween or any other expensive
other event. You need to keep the prices reasonable and the length
. . . . .

Last year everybody seemed on edge, disagreeable, cranky, and with a lot
of badmouthing. This year much better, great group of girls, gurls, and
. . . . .

Thanks, all.
. . . . .

Chayo dinner option didn't happen because the entire restaurant was
reserved for a different group. No organizer was present to deal with
it. (entered as activity comfort comment)
. . . . .

the thermostat in our room at the flamingo was not functional. We ended
up moderately comfortable by turning the AC off. I was also surprised
there was no microwave in the room. (entered as activity comfort
. . . . .

On the weekend, few wore name tags. I thnk I was the only one.
(entered as a restroom comment)
. . . . .

The big sister program seems to be a valuable offering but I have never
succeeded in connecting with a little sister. They are somewhat
squirrely when it comes to getting together. Possibly it should be
promoted on the website explaining the benefits of participating.
(entered as an activity suggestion)
. . . . .

Regarding the group text, I received texts with no problems, and found
them very useful. I tried to send a text but it failed, said something
like invalid format. I have T-Mobile.

I think it would be great to have an option to be included in an
attendee list with email addresses. Completely optional of course.
(entered as activity suggestions)
. . . . .

Overall, DLV 2022 was terrific. Thank you!

The only activity I didn't like was the Backstage bar Rocky Horror
"clubbing." The event and venue weren't interesting to me and this one
activity was poorly described on the website. (Some of us went to
Cheapshots piano bar next door and had a good time there!)

I really don't know how many DLVers stayed for Halloween (most people
I talked to were not staying for Halloween). Unless Halloween is
important to lot of us, I would suggest moving the event 1 or 2 weeks
earlier in October for better rates and better weather.
. . . . .

Use hotels with free parking. Too expensive to park just to have a few
drinks with the girls. (entered as activity suggestion)
. . . . .

The one restaurant I signed up for, Chayo, was closed for a private
event (not DLV). Organizer was surprised as well in as she said she had
checked with them prior to scheduling the dinner. We were able to
regroup and meet at one of the other venues. (entered as new venue
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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