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Paypal Donation for Diva Las Vegas 2022


Diva Las Vegas has never charged a registration fee as most other TG and CD events do.

This year, to help supplement various expenses that event organizers have paid for out of pocket in past years, we are implementing a voluntary donation program. It is not mandatory to donate, but we would hope you would consider a donation, perhaps $20 or more, to help offset expenses and to provide funds to perhaps pay for gifts, or a FREE cocktail hour at one of our dinners.

Thanks for helping out!"

Payments may be made through Paypal, using the buttons below.

If you do not have a Paypal account, you may make a donation through Paypal using a major credit card or with most Visa or Mastercard branded debit cards.

When you click on the buttons below, you will be redirected to a verified Paypal site, which will open in a new window or tab. Please note that the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy of Paypal will apply when accessing the redirected Paypal site.

Please note that we will maintain no record of your Paypal transaction that is matched to your name or registration number within the Diva Las Vegas systems.

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