Admirers' Guide to Diva Las Vegas.

This is presented primarily toward men who self-identify as "admirers" of those within the TG community, who are interested in attending Diva Las Vegas.

Yes, admirers are welcome at Diva Las Vegas, subject to the same conditions of participation and guidelines as all DLV attendees.

Can we tawk?

Admirers have, collectively, a poor reputation in the TG community.

To put it in one sentence, admirers frequently come on too strong, too fast, lacking poise, tact, and composure in the process.

It is for this reason that admirers are often times unwelcome at TG community events.

At DLV, we've always welcomed admirers, both male and female. Admirers are part of the overall TG community and there is no reason that admirers should be excluded just for the fact that they are admirers. We want to respect all as individuals, and it's not our style to banish anyone due to the acts of or reputation of others.

However, speaking very freely, if getting laid is #1 on your must-do list, DLV is probably not the event for you. DLV is a social event and is not sexually oriented. Never has been, never will be.

If you're primarily looking for sexual encounters, they are available more conveniently elsewhere. Ask around if this is what you want.

Attending Diva Las Vegas as an admirer:

We realize that as an admirer, you may be unsure or apprehensive about attending DLV. You may be nervous about attending, and you may wonder if you are really and truly welcome to attend and participate.

Please be assured that you are just as welcome to attend as any other attendee, subject, of course, to the same conditions of participation and behavior guidelines that all attendees must agree to.

The ratio of men to women at DLV has historically been low, so having more men, to better balance the group so to speak, can be a good thing.

This web page will give you some insight into attending DLV as an admirer, and offer you some advice as to how you can make the best of your DLV experience.

First, a few hints to help you "fit in" and get along with the other DLV attendees:

  • Participate

    If you want to be part of DLV, then be a part of DLV! Register and be part of the group. Hang around with the others, day and night. Don't just show up at the bars after hours. Have fun with the group!

    Please join in any activities that you find of interest. The only activities that may not be open to you are those designated "SO Only" or "Girlmode Only" but at all others you will be welcome. The others will be more likely to warm up to you if you're a familiar face.

    Wear your DLV name badge. Yes, really. It identifies you as part of the group and will help you break the ice as you introduce yourself to others.

    When you register for DLV, please register using a normal-sounding first name. This will help you make a better impression. "Handles" are not allowed when registering for DLV. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

  • Circulate

    Spread yourself around. Get to know others, many of them. You'll find that you are better received if you circulate instead of latching on to one in particular.

    Actively introduce yourself to others who are present.

  • Be a gentleman.

    Treat the M to F TG's present as you would any other lady. Practice the little gestures that a gentleman customarily does, such as holding the door for a lady, helping a lady with her seat or wrap, etc.

    Buying a lady a drink is almost always appreciated and is a good ice-breaker.

    A true gentleman does not quiz a lady about her sexuality or her availability immediately upon meeting her. (This is often cited as a major turn-off when meeting an admirer.)

    Many of the ladies present will have little or no real-world experience dealing with admirers, but all have heard the stories. Please do your part to set a good example, of admirers, and of men in general.

    Illegally participating in "the world's oldest profession", either as a provider or as a consumer, is strictly prohibited at DLV. Those caught in either role will be ejected and reported to the authorities!

  • Be yourself

    Let the others get to know you for who you are and what you are.

    Don't try to come off as a rock star, sports hero, casino boss, billionaire, etc., unless you actually happen to be one. (Hint: Those who are, seldom make it a point of conversation.)

  • Be attentive but not intrusive.

    Join in conversations but don't monopolize them. Don't cling! (See "Circulate" above.)

    Don't attempt to pry a lady away from her group of friends in order to devote her attention solely to you. Likewise, please don't try to convince a lady to skip DLV activities in order to spend time with you and you alone.

  • Look sharp!

    You don't have to be a Tom Selleck look-alike, but you should be well-groomed, appropriately dressed, and presentable for DLV!.

    "Smart casual" dress is suggested for men for most evening DLV activities, and a jacket and tie would be appropriate, but not required, for some of the fancier things such as the Limo Tour, the nicer dinners, and the evening shows. Jacket and tie will be required for men for the English High Tea, if you wish to attend this activity. "Comfortable casual" is appropriate for the more informal daytime activities.

    "Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!"

  • Watch your language!

    A gentleman does not use crude, profane, or suggestive language when meeting a lady. It's just not necessary and poor manners to do so.

    Learn the vernacular if you're not familiar with it, and please avoid using the terms that are disliked in our community. For example, the terms "shemale" and "ladyboy" are considered highly offensive by many of our attendees, particularly when used in the second or third person. Even terms such as "drag" and "real girl" can be offensive if used it the wrong context. In recent years, the term "tranny" has taken on a certain pejorative context and even the term "transsexual" has been falling out of favor in the community.

    An annotated glossary of some of the terms you're likely to encounter in our community is on line HERE.

    And, watch your pronouns, please! The general rule is that third-person pronouns should be congruent with the gender being presented.

  • Don't push things.

    "No" means NO. Please respect the personal space and the comfort level of the ladies you meet. Please be very careful of any unwanted physical contact.

    Avoid putting a lady into a situation in which she may feel awkward or uncomfortable.

    If it is indeed the case that you do come on too strong, particularly with multiple individuals, be aware that the word will spread very rapidly and you will quickly find yourself on the receiving end of many cold shoulders! This is the one faux-paus that will most definitely impede your acceptance and your enjoyment of Diva Las Vegas.

Meeting the others, getting to know them:

At your first DLV activity, check in with the sign-in host or hostess just as any other attendee would do. If you're new and don't know any of the others yet, ask to have one of the volunteers introduce you around. It's up to you whether or not you identify yourself as an admirer.

If you're nervous or unsure, don't be afraid to say so. It's "OK" to be nervous and you will find that the feeling will subside very quickly once you meet the others and get acquainted.

You will find that very few participants come to DLV with the intent of finding a partner. Therefore you should plan to participate as part of the group, as opposed to participating as half of a potential couple.

At the various social activities such as happy hours, mixers, etc., you will find that the attendees will typically gather and converse in small groups which will grow, shrink, move, split up, etc., as people join and move on, as the activity progresses. You will find that these groups are informal and most often welcoming of others, particularly newcomers. Please feel free to appoach these groups, introduce yourself, and join in the conversation if you find it of interest.

Many of the ladies present will have, at most, limited experience with admirers, and may be somewhat apprehensive. Speaking very freely, those who have experience with admirers quite possibly have had mixed or negative experiences. It's for these reasons that you'll need to make an appropriate first impression and take things slowly.

One particular behavior pattern, one that is frequently observed with admirers, unfortunately, is one that will get you a very bad reputation very fast. This is where an admirer quickly "makes the rounds", obviously checking each lady present for availability, and quickly moves on to another, and another, and another. This is one pattern which is immediately recognized and must be avoided, if you wish to remain persona grata.

After hours -- If you want to join in on the various informal goings-on that frequently happen after the last scheduled DLV activity of the evening, don't be shy about asking "May I join you?" as groups depart for a casino lounge, an early breakfast, etc. You will find that you have much better luck asking to join a group, rather than trying to arrange for an impromptu late night date with one individual. Groups will often welcome men, as they help balance the group, visually, in a mainstream public setting.

Many of the ladies, even those who are quite experienced, socially, will be very uneasy about going off alone with somebody they do not know well. Please be aware of this, and please do not push things if somebody should decline your invitation for a ride, a visit to your hotel room, a one-on-one at a lounge, etc.

What to do next:

If you want to attend DLV as an admirer, here's what you'll want to do:

  1. Look over this web site to be sure you know what DLV is, what DLV is not, and that DLV is indeed something you want to attend.

  2. Join our mailing list. Become familiar with the plans for DLV. Just e-mail and say you want to join our mailing list. It's discreet and spam-free.

  3. Register for DLV. We don't ask our attendees to label themselves, so you don't have to indicate that you are an admirer anywhere. DLV general registration opens in March for the current year's event. See mailing list for pre-registration options.

  4. Make your travel and lodging arrangements.

One note, please do not attempt to bypass the DLV registration and validation process. Doing this will only call attention to yourself as a potential rule-breaker. You will receive a much warmer reception if you register as part of the group than if you just show up and try to crash the party.

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