Galiano [sic]:

Galiano [sic] is a very nasty substance. I've been told that it is commonly used as a jet fuel additive and an industrial degreaser. The taste (and the effect) of Galiano can be approximated by a 50/50 mix of vodka and Robitussin. (Kids, don't try this at home, adults, don't try this anywhere.) Most people know Galiano [sic] as the key ingredient in a Harvey Wallbanger and a Golden Cadillac.

Needless to say, this stuff is recklessly intoxicating!

Margeth drinks Galiano [sic] straight. Margeth also decided that all of us present at Keys Lounge one evening should have the pleasure (??) of drinking Galiano straight.

So, she ordered a round for the table, not allowing anybody to opt out of the process.

I remember joking around about what was this, lighter fluid? Maybe Nyquil? Acetone?

I took sips of it every so often, not wanting to appear unappreciative to Margeth's sudden generosity.

Little did I know that whenever I turned my head, Densie would pour part of hers, and possibly of others glasses into mine, so my sips were consistently replenished.

To make a long story short, I got very drunk very fast, to the amusement of all onlookers, and very sick afterward.

Oh yes, I became very well acquainted with Ralph that night, or rather that morning. :(

Galiano has become quite the legend at DLV. Ever since 1998, an annual game of "get Annie to drink Galiano" has been played.

In 1999 somebody {ahem!} presented me with a plaque, made out of a 45 RPM record by a singer named "Galy Galiano" and with the plaque they also presented me with a brandy snifter of, what else, Galiano [sic]. "You don't have to if you don't want to ...", Densie remarked, but wanting to be a good sport, I took sips of it, kinda like I did the year before in 1998. After a few sips (wow, that stuff hits fast), Densie said "hey, can I smell that? ..." and took the glass from me. Little did I know that she switched the glass with a full one, so I once again had more than my share of Galiano [sic]. :)

We won't talk about 2000.

In 2001, both Densie and Other Annie pulled more or less the same stunt, getting the bartender to make what looked and supposedly tasted like a vodka sour but had Galiano in it. Densie's attempt worked. Other Annie's attempt did not!

Then in 2002 (or was it 2003?) Densie taught us how to play that wonderful new game called the Galiano [sic] Challenge. To play the Galiano [sic] challenge, you get two drinks. Your challenge is to tell which of the drinks (or both or neither) has Galiano in it. If you lose, you have to play again. :)

Here's Densie's summary of the 2004 Galiano [sic] Challenge:

Annie at the Spotlight (I think): 

Flunked (as usual) Could not assert that the drink had Galliano in it. 
Suggested that it might have been made with gin instead of vodka. She 
also drank the Galliano, which is an automatic 'F'. 

Michelle, at Goodtimes: 

Flunked. She drank a Harvey Wallbanger, knowing that it was a Harvey 
Wallbanger, and said that there was no Galliano in it. Later, she said 
that she could taste the Galliano, but her answer had already been 
recorded. She also drank the Galliano, which is an automatic 'F'. 

Ginger, at Goodtimes: 

Flunked. She provided the Harvey Wallbangers for herself and Michelle. 
Voluntarily drinking Galliano is an automatic 'F'. In fact, Ginger said 
that she prefers Galliano, which puts her in with Margeth...neither of 
them are eligible to take the Galiano Challenge anymore. There were 
some more interesting comments from Ginger, at a late-night dinner 
(breakfast?) at the Sahara Coffee Shop. I was too drunk to remember 
anything she said, or even to understand what she was saying, so I wrote 
it all down. I remember that she was telling some stories and I kept 
asking how Galliano fit into them until I was politely asked to shut the 
h*ll up. 

The transcript, as I recorded it, at the Sahara Coffee Shop: 

"(2) Ginger @ Sahara Coffee Shop voluntarily drank Galiano prefers 
Galiano will stho MOZO/w if Galiano is unavailable 

(3) Ginger (move) Mogen David is a fine wine Moon pies are good RC Cola 
some exp with Goobers Wheels, but denies involvement with Goober Wheels. 
60's to 70's flower children drank Galiano for world peace, lubricant 
that brought society together. 

(4) Ginger - everyone was black in the dicy part of town. Bought 
toothbrush. St. Louis area, Ginger drank Galiano w/black people." 

Well, there you have it. Now you remember as much about that evening as 
I do. 

Oh, and in case you wonder what the [sic] in Galiano [sic] is all about, the vile liquid is correctly spelled "Galliano" but in summary on line of the incidents and the resulting floor show in 1998, those who talked about it started spelling it "Galiano" so the [sic] (to indicate that what is printed reproduces the original and is not a misspelling or typo) refers to the colloquial on-line spelling of Galiano [sic]. Densie uses it as a pun, as to what happens [sick] after you have too much Galiano [sic].
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