Some DLV History and Lore:

A few random recollections and observations regarding DLV History, Trivia, and Lore


Although this probably will never appear in the FAQ, a common topic of conversation at DLV has been the beginning of DLV. How did it start? When did it start? How many were there the first year?

Discussion about what was to eventually become DLV began in the fall of 1996 among a number of people who had become acquainted by way of Internet Relay Chat. It was decided that it would be "so cool" if those of us who had gotten to know each other on the net could actually meet in real life. Several times and venues were discussed. One suggestion was to meet at one of the many t* conventions that were to occur that fall. The response was a firm "NO {expletive}ing WAY" from some of the intended participants. One in particular, John if I am correct, said "... dammit, I want a vacation, not a convention", which set the tone for DLV before DLV was even thought of.

A number of locations and times were discussed, Chicago, Key West, Provincetown, and yes, Las Vegas. Since the holidays were ahead, it was decided to hold off until early 1997.

After a few months of discussion and debate, it was decided to meet in Las Vegas, one weekend in May. On that weekend it was decided to do the same thing "same time next year" and the rest is history.

First year our turnout was 5. Second year (1998) we had 16 total. Third year it was just over 30. In 2000 we hit 50 or so. 60-70 or so in 2001. About 90 in 2002 and 104 in 2003 and 118 in 2004. (Edit: 126 in 2005, 118 in 2006.)

Excess baggage

Margeth was to arrive in Las Vegas on Friday evening, I (annie) was to pick her up at the airport. Neither of us knew what the other looked like, so I said I would be holding up a sign with {Boyname} on it. She was to arrive shortly after 9:00pm on Continental.

I arrived at the Continental gate in the A satellite shortly before her plane came in. As the passengers disembarked (I guess the more correct term here is deplaned) I stood there holding up the {Boyname} sign. I watched for somebody to notice the sign and walk my way. Nope.

As the last of the passengers walked off the jetway, I began to wonder, but I heard the following page:

"Will the Annie who is meeting {Boyname} please pick up the white courtesy phone."

It turned out that Margeth had missed a connection in Newark and was coming in on another flight on America West, which was to arrive quite soon ... in the B satellite.

So, I sprint down the corridor from the A satellite and up the corridor to the B satellite, find the gate. Just in time, they are just opening the jetway door. Finally, Margeth had to be close to the last person off, we met up, and were off to retrieve Margeth's luggage.

This was back in the days when they actually had a guard at the exit of the bag claim area who matched up claim checks, or at least appeared to do so. We were on line for the check-out and the line was proceeding smoothly ... until Margeth presented her ticket and the bags.

"Sir, your ticket is on Continental and these came in on America West."

"Uh, I missed the connection and they sent me on America West."

"That's fine, can you please describe the contents of this bag." !!!!!

Fortunately Margeth said to look in the side pocket and there will be a book of a certain title. That was good enough, fortunately. :)


It was Margeth's first night out, ever. Margeth was feeling no pain, in fact, she was celebrating her first night out in style, tossing them down with both hands. :)

I, Margeth, Deb, Deb's SO, and some of the other locals were at a bar called Choices (long since closed) on Charleston. We were waiting for John and Elaine from California to meet us, and Deb's SO did not want to stay out too late. I said that if Deb's SO wanted to take their car home, I would give Deb a ride home. No big deal, right?

Deb's SO took off and Margeth continued her two-fisted celebration.

Our friends arrived, we had a nice evening, with Margeth celebrating all along. I quit drinking early, since I was driving and also since I realized it was about a 45 minute trip from the bar to Deb's house and back to the Strip.

We were driving along the expressway, when I hear Margeth ...

Margeth: Annie?

Annie: Yes?

Margeth: I'm in pain!

Annie: Uh, what?

Margeth: I've gotta pee NOW!

Deb: There's a 7-11 at the Horizon exit. Maybe they have a restroom.

I pulled off at Horizon and parked in the lot at 7-11. Margeth bolts out the door, runs into the 7-11, speaks to the clerk for about a minute or so, and disappears into the rear of the store.

Meanwhile, Deb continues to change back into a pumpkin in the back seat.

After what seemed to be 10 minutes or so, Margeth emerges. The conversation with the clerk, a gg who looked to be all of 17 or so, went like this:

Margeth: Is there a restroom I can use?

Clerk: Uh, not a public restroom.


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