DLV - Best On The Planet!

Last year, at DLV2001, was the first time I was able to be in my preferred gender for an extended period of time. And, as with most newbies, after I was dressed up for the first evening, it took me 2 hours to build the courage to walk out of my hotel room.

But this year was so different. I had looked forward to this DLV so much, that after I was ready, I didn't hesitate at the door, but confidently performed my best girl walk in heels to my car to get my nails and hair done. After a very enjoyable visit to LaRues, now my favorite beauty salon, it was time to meet the other girls at Milano's.

It is such a wonderful feeling to see the girlfriends from last year, and to meet the new girls attending this year.

All the venues were wonderful, but I must say I had particular fun at one event - The Limo Tour.

The Limo Tour.

At 10:20, I went to the limo line in front of the MGM and saw a limo driver holding a DLV sign. I strolled up to him and in my most feminine voice said, "Hi, are all of the limos here"? It just came out about as masculine as anything I have ever said before, because he started to wrinkle the sign in disbelief. I had talked with the General Manager of the limo company twice about who his clients would be that evening. It must have slipped his mind to inform the drivers about us. All the driver could say is "Maam, this is Las Vegas. We've seen it all". With that said, I knew we would have a very enjoyable time with them.

It started out about normal for 30 girls trying to ride with their friends (naturally that was normally an odd number), but eventually the limos were loaded and rolling. Off to the liquor store.

I was privileged to ride with our Canadian girls. After the first three minutes, the first empty cup was thrown. I knew I had picked the right limo to ride in. I radioed Limo 5 and said they were behind in party time. Monique radioed back in two minutes and said they had caught up.

Caesars Palace:

Pictures in front of the fountain. Just held my breath that no one would fall in.

Mirage Volcano:

Annie, with all of her wisdom, was adamant that we would not be able to see the volcano erupt. Chances were slim and none. Well, we lucked out. Look at the wonderful photos of the girls in front of the volcano. After the picture taking at the volcano, I noticed the driver who looked like Danny Glover standing and staring, not really wanting to be near us, let alone breathing the same air. So naturally, I took his arm and began walking with him back toward the limos. Annie joined up and took his other arm. "Danny" was tensing as I took his arm, and when Annie took his other arm, he began to shake. As we were walking toward the limos, he was walking similar to Frankenstein. When we approached the limos, the other drivers noticed him and his unusual walk. They turned away and you could tell they were laughing, primarily due to the leaning over and fist pounding on the limo hood.

When we arrived at the limos, our polite escort (now turning blue from not breathing) turned, gave a forced smile and hurried off to hide somewhere.

The DelMar:

All I can say about this Limo Tour and DelMar is that we had to be the first girls to ever be kicked out of the DelMar Motel.

Fremont Street:

On the way to Fremont Street, we were privileged to have a police escort. The only strange thing was that the squad cars were following us instead of leading us. Oh, well.

Four Queens:

When we arrived at the Four Queens, someone yelled "POTTIE STOP!" It was similar to watching the old movie about the Oklahoma Land Rush. Limo doors flying open and 26 trannys along with 3 GG's assaulting the Four Queens ladies room. Anyone standing in a doorway was going to be high heeled to death during the stampede. One of our girls did not want to wait for the line, so she proceeded to the men's room. Once inside, she did her thing standing next to this gentleman who just inherited a permanent look of bewilderment on his face. He then kind of wandered out, probably without zipping up. The only problem I noticed was Annie kept wandering around, as if she were looking for someone. She also took her glasses off.

On the way back to the MGM, we lost one of the limos. Found out later, they stopped at a Mexican take-out for tacos. What a great idea. Wish I would have thought of that. Maybe next year.

DLV 2002 was the best event on this planet.

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