DLV Recollections:

DLV 2002..WOW!..This being my second one, I looked forward to getting to Las Vegas with great anticipation. I had such a good time in 2001, I wondered if this year would be as good. It was better! Although the experiences were much different, I will probably remember it more than last year. I received so much personal pleasure. I will remember names and faces much better than last year, and hope to be able to keep in touch with several new friends.

Although there were some who were venturing forth for the first time in a major public setting, what made a big impression on me was the diversity of those in attendance. It was so impressive to see those who live full time or nearly full time enjoying the company of crossdressers and their significant others. And, what a great sight late one night at an infamous lounge to observe many DLVers mingling with local TGirls and patrons and discussing what is needed for the Transgendered community. What a great statement for our community and for DLV in particular that so many different from each other chose to attend, and had a genuine concern that others enjoyed themselves!

Another vivid image in my mind is the growth I could see in many who were "first timers" last year. I know that had their experience not been what Annie and others have as their goal, these wonderful people not only would not have grown, they would not have returned and brought others to DLV.

The schedule of activities this year truly amazed me. If one could not find something interesting to do, they must have never left their room.

What a pleasure to see so many at Milano's for the pre-dinner! And then to get my order without having to order was unbelievable.

Whoever found Flex, thank you so much. That was a fun place with just the right noise level to be able to meet and mingle. I will be visiting there whenever I am in LV.

Hamburger Mary's had the biggest burgers I have seen in a long time and although more light would have been nice, it was pleasant.

I was told they tried to correct the lighting situation in the one middle section, but had difficulty doing so. Dunno if there were actual electrical problems, or the staff did not know how to adjust the lights.

I am sure next time they will believe Leah when she warns them how many are coming.

Goodtimes, well it is Goodtimes! The name is certainly fitting. And to think, we never knew Monique could sing as well as talk! For those who did not attend the pool party - you missed a great time. Thanks so much to Mindy for being a gracious hostess and cook. And girls, we do look good in swimsuits. Hidden Woman and Glamour Boutique seemed to make big points for those who were able to get to the activities there.

The two shows were entertaining, yet somewhat disappointing to me.

But, I did find out what Barcardi Orange was at LeFemme, so it gets the highest rating from me. I got some dancing in at Gypsy's on an off night, but cannot stand the smoke and noise level for long.

Does that mean I am maturing? OMG! I will remember the time spent at ICON Saturday night and the conversations. And then what a great way to end my time in Vegas - walking back to Sasha's and getting propositioned in the parking lot - and turning him down! The highlights of activities for me though was at Sasha's and the golf outing. It is so wonderful to see a classy TG place in Vegas. Michael Cagle on Friday, and the show on Saturday were great. The food was very good and worth the price. I hope the place is successful and will make it a point to recommend it to others.

The golf outing was sooo much fun! My partner claims she played the best she ever has, but I know she was sandbagging. Thank you sister for making the day so pleasant. The other twosome in the group was Tootsie and Mardi. I will not forget some of the shots that we were so fortunate to witness.

Thank you both for keeping the spirit of DLV while playing at a game you both have so much passion for. To all the other ladies who helped make the day so great, thanks and keep them long and straight.

With so much to do this year, I wondered whether I would have time to make some lasting friendships. But, of course, that is what Diva Las Vegas does promote so well. I not only renewed some friendships from the past, but also came away with strong bonds to several sisters I met for the first time. Some of my close sisters were in attendance and that made for a lot of fun. And, my best friend was there for most of the time and that helped to make it special.

While I will certainly cherish the time spent at DLV 2002, it could not have happened had it not been for the group who worked so hard to make activities happen. From the Las Vegas locals who made so many contacts, set up activities and shuttled attendees at all hours of the day and night, to those who live elsewhere who arranged shows, limos, airplanes, boats, meals and transportation, and to Annie - you are all heroes of mine! Thank you so very much! I hope to see you next year.

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