DLV Diary:

>Apr 30 Tue 5:00pm Welcome Dinner 7:30pm Pre-DLV get-together

Milano's - Wonderful little restaurant, I didn't eat that night because I wanted to mingle more than eat. The reception I received from everyone was nothing short of amazing. I love these people!

Quick Stop at Sasha's after Milano's: Great place, should use more next year. Please support throughout the year to keep in business.

>May 01 Wed All day Blond Hair Day

I looked really stupid in Blonde, but it was a fun theme

>1:00pm Hidden Woman Open House

Nice Place, I'll try to stop by there once in a while. good munchies.

>2:00pm Wig styling

The girls seemed to have a great time, needed more stations, mingling was more fun

>7:30pm Dinner and Welcome celebration

Hamburger Mary's was great, seemed to have great service, good crowd, food didn't compare to Belagglio Buffet, (no problem).

>10:00pm Karaoke

Didn't make it, went to Dinner at Smith and Wollenski's instead. Great food, great service, no problems, no bathroom issues.

>11:00pm Slumber Party (and swap meet)

Cute premise, the girls seemed to be having a great time, I needed to leave early to sleep.

>May 02 Thu 8:00am Air tours

Personally, I think they were my personal highlight of the trip, I just love giving them,

>1:00pm Glamour Boutique Open House -or- Swimming party

Missed both due to flying, (its okay trust me...)

>7:00pm Boardwalk reception

Okay, nothing spectacular, I understand there were some bathroom issues. For kind of a dive that is pretty silly.

>8:30pm LaFemme (production show)

Stupid show, bad seats, but hey, who was there for intellectual stimulation, you were expecting the opera maybe?

Hanging out at MGM Grand was fun, the girls looked good and attracted a great deal of positive attention.

>After Limo tour


>Bar at the Bellaggio,

Amazing bartender, Charles, had a blast messing with the white beard. No problem with restroom usage at Bellaggio. (Get smarter girls, get in, do your business and get out, not a good hang out.)

>May 03 Fri 10:00am Golf

Golf - interferes with good flying (actually sleeping off the night before)

>1:00pm SBS Social

Sparsely attended, but that made it very intimate, great people.

>5:30pm Dinner, with entertainment

Sasha's was great, I really liked this place, not smoky, entertainment, well he was fun. Both Sasha and the other waitress/barkeep(real girl) was great.

The bartenders need shirts, yuk...

I agree that is tacky, but ... They did have one bartender there last night who was wearing a shirt. I think that non-costume is optional.

>7:30pm Annual Mixer

Good Times, needs a air filtration system bad. Other than that ok place, lots of fun, awesome group.

>11:30pm Dance Night

Gipsie's was great until about midnight and it got packed. Smoke level was horrible, music too loud, but we showed them that the big girls can party.

Las Vegas Lounge, just stopped by to say goodbye, I was leaving in the morning. Smokey too.

>May 04 Sat Morning - Left sniff-sniff....

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