I'm still not really sure if it's actually Delmar, DelMar, or Del Mar, but here's the story ...

DLV 1999. Bar tour. We were at Angles&Lace (long closed). Densie and I (annie) were sitting in a booth chatting and Margeth was playing pool with one of the local people there at the bar. Margeth approached us ...

Margeth: Say, do either of you know where the Delmar Motel is?

Annie: Uh-huh.

Densie: {giggle}

Margeth: What's it like?

Annie: It's a fornicatorium.

Densie: {tee-hee}

Margeth: Whadaya mean?

Annie: It's a very sleazy no-tell-motel, why?

Densie: {giggle}

Margeth: This guy I met wants to take me there.

Annie: NO!

Margeth: {walking away} Ok, I thought I would ask ...

Densie: We are NOT letting her take off with that guy!

Annie: NO WAY!

Turns out that Margeth's friend was a recently-released ex-con. One version of the story says it was his first night out of the joint.

Anyway, Margeth did not leave with the guy, but the story quickly spread on line, and she took considerable kidding about it. (But not as much as I did about the Galiano [sic] incident the year before.)

Fast forward to DLV 2001. Limo tour. We had just finished watching Folies at the Tropicana and the limo was stocked with refreshments.

We were deciding where to stop for a couple photo-ops, and somebody jokingly suggested Delmar. I then turned around and asked if our driver knew where the Delmar was. The conversation went like this:

Annie: Do you know where the Delmar Motel is?

Driver: Yes.

Densie: {giggle}

Aiko: What the ...

Annie: Oh you do?

Driver: {chuckle} Yes, I used to work the desk over at {forget exactly which hotel} and on the busy weekends we would occasionally send some of our overflow over there.

Densie: {tee-hee}

So here we are, pulling this big black limo into the Delmar in the middle of the night. We park it dead center in the parking lot and everybody piles out. I swear this was the first time a big stretch limo ever pulled into this place.

This was about two hours into the three hour trip, and nobody was feeling any pain. Some of the people walk out to the Strip and wave at passing cars, others pose for photos by the various signs, still others do so by the (closed) pool with the icky rusty water.

Whoever was in the office (Desk Clerk? Manager?) was totally spooked. He turned out the lights and vanished. :)

In 5 minutes or so, (long before the cops could get there :) everybody piles back in and we head on down to the Four Queens.

A record of this memorable journey appears on the web at:

Now, fast forward to DLV 2002 ...

2001 was our first limo tour, grand total of 1 limo. In 2002 everybody heard what a blast it was, so we had 5 limos, with radio contact between them.

Aiko: DLV-3 this is DLV-5, where next, over?

Densie: DLV-5 this is DLV-3, how about the Delmar, over?

Aiko: Roger. DLV-1, have the lead driver set a course for Delmar.

So, if you think 2001 was bad ... imagine not 1 but 5 big black limos pulling into the Delmar, parking in formation, and 30-some trannies and other non-sober human types piling out, waving to civilians on the Strip, posing for photos in front of the "Adult Movies" and "Hourly Rates" signs.

Record of this journey appears at:

Shortly after this began, one of the drivers went into the office and explained what was going on, and that we would be out of there very shortly.

After 5 minutes or so the manager emerged from the office, stating to the effect "Ok, enough is enough ..." and ordered us off the property.

We actually managed to get thrown out of the DelMar.

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