Blow-By-Blow Summary:

Here's my blow-by-blow summary.

>Wednesday: 5:00pm Pre-pre-dlv dinner Milano's

Decent food, good turnout. Nice little place to eat. No booze, though.

>May 2 7:30pm Pre-DLV get-together LV Lounge

OK at first, but I didn't care much for the loud music, the lap dancing sluts, and the drooling perverts who began to inhabit the place as soon as the dancing started. Might be OK during the day. We went to Goodtimes and had more fun there, played some pool and had a few drinks.

A fish in the tank looked like it was dying, and we wondered if the huge fish in there or the catfish would eat him after he croaked.

>Thursday: 3:00pm Shopping, dinner, more shopping

Went to the wig shop and took some pictures. Had a good time. Didn't care much for the lingerie shop, but there was a gun store next door and some of us went over there. Bought the Rocky Horror DVD at the mall, along with some silly hats and an American Gothic tie for Tony to wear to the Rocky Horror show.

>May 3 8:00pm Keys (piano bar) Keys Lounge

Took the waiters totally by surprise. They hadn't expected such a crowd, but they did get someone over to serve us more quickly than I had expected. Food wasn't very good, and menu selection very limited.

>Friday: 10:00am Air tours Henderson Airport

Met Gina at the airport. Her plane was over by the fuel tanks, so I walked over to get mine and put some gas in it. We decided on a radio channel to communicate between the planes. I had two passengers and Gina had three. She followed me off the runway and quickly overtook me (with some smartass comments about "going to guns") because her plane was more powerful than mine.

We went low over the dam and I grabbed a couple of pictures out of the pilot's vent windows. We headed out over the Grand Canyon and it was really fantastic! Gina suggested heading a little further south and east and then coming back up to the north, which gave us a spectacular view. Took more pictures.

Came back over Dutchman Pass and the golf course and landed at Henderson. Gina was there already and Tony hadn't gotten to ride yet, plus we had one more passenger, so the four of us went up in Gina's plane. It was another great ride.

>May 4 1:00pm Matinee movie Location TBA

Huh? :)

Went to lunch at Bellagio's buffet, which is a little more expensive than other buffets, but well worth it. Tried a lot of foods I'd never had before, and got totally stuffed.

> 5:00pm Dinner Sahara Buffet

Annie called us up and said that it was time to go to the buffet. That was the last thing in the world I needed! I think we went down and played some video poker instead.

> 7:30pm Welcome gathering Goodtimes

Duh...I think I went to this. Brain was getting a little fuzzy at this point, but I seem to recall checking on the fish in the tank and being surprised to see that he was still alive.

> 11:00pm Dance Night Gipsy, et. al.


> 2:00am Sat Late Night Gaming Imperial Palace


>Saturday: 12:00n Shopping and Hopping Start at Paris

Went to a gun show that morning. Called Annie from Paris and we were going to meet there for the shopping, but I was feeling kind of sick and we had to get something to eat. It took over an hour to do this, and by then Annie was gone.

We walked over to Treasure Island to see the show, but it didn't start until 4pm, so we missed it. For some strange reason, we decided to walk back to the Sahara, a total hike of a few miles, I would guess. I was wearing sandals, and by the time I made it back, my toes were cut open and my ankles were swollen up.

>May 5 8:30pm Kenny Kerr And Friends Frontier

Good show. I thought it was going to suck at first, but it got good later on. Could use more performers. Frank Marino was a much bigger production. No drinks served at the show, which was kind of a drag, no pun intended.

> Midnite Rocky Horror Picture Show Paradise 6

Usually a good time and once was the height of my trip, but this year it sucked. Some young kid who was playing emcee and another one in the audience with blue hair were trying to put on their own performance. One fight broke out in the aisle. Don (Riff-Raff) Peppers was not there, and the lady who plays Frank did Janet instead. The replacement Frank had much less charisma.

We did have an insteresting experience on the way out of the hotel, I wearing a viking helmet and Tony wearing a silly hat (we had hoped to hand some condoms on them, but nobody threw any). Someone remarked that we looked like a horny couple.

>May 6 1:00pm Dam tour

We got up and went to Champagne Brunch at the Sahara, which was great. After about five glasses of champagne, I wasn't in nearly so much pain, and we felt like going to the dam tour. We had to wait for one person, and so we spent a lot of time outside of Margeth's 7-11. My feet and ankles started hurting again, but I had a good time on the tour. Bob answered a lot of questions for me.

> 10:00pm Folies Bergere Tropicana

Didn't go. Couldn't afford it.

> 11:30pm Limo Tour of Strip Tropicana entrance

Great fun! It took us all of the first hour just to get some booze into the car, but then we went to the Del-Mar and it all got started. We posed in front of the "adult movies" and "pool closed" signs.

The manager was totally freaked out by our presence and turned out the lights in the office and hid.

On to the Four Queens, where Four Queens posed under the Four Queens sign. A group of spectators walked by, got the joke, and roared with laughter. A wino came onto the scene and posed with us for a few pictures, making the statement that we were crazier than he was.

He didn't want me because I was wearing glasses, but he found Annie to be dead sexy! I have no idea whether Annie circled back and took him to the Del-Mar or not.

(Editor's note: She went back to the limo to get her glasses. :)

We cut the tour a little short and got let off at our hotel because my ankles were baseball-sized by then. I couldn't even wear shoes, and had been running around barefoot in front of the Four Queens.

>Monday: 10:00am Side trip - Rhyolite

Tony and I were supposed to do the golf, but I couldn't even stand up that morning. Tony did golf and I stayed in bed. I talked to Annie about maybe going to Rhyolite, but that trip was cancelled so I went back to bed. I got up later feeling depressed and went down to the casino to play some VP, then had dinner with Annie at the Sahara Buffet.

At least I could walk by then.

>May 7 8:00pm Farewell get-together LV Lounge

We didn't stay too long. Went back to the Sahara and gambled, then had a late breakfast.

>May 8 Star Trek: The Experience

Went to this with Annie and Tony, although it hadn't been on the schedule. I thought it was a little overpriced for the shortness of the ride, but Tony enjoyed the museum and would like to see it again. At the gift shop, we picked up a video of a Star Trek episode called "The Lights of Zetar" which had scared us both out of our wits when we were kids.

And that was about it...Annie gave us a ride back to Henderson and we took off into the sunset. Tony flew back and got to log some night time, which is good because he's about ready to take his private pilot check ride.

Look forward to doing it all next year, although we may bring the boat instead of the plane.

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