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This page was last updated July 17, 1998

(Details for Diva Las Vegas 1999 will be finalized shortly after New Years of 1999. Send e-mail to: to be added to the mailing list for Diva Las Vegas 1999.)

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First of all, I want to let all of you know that throughout the history of this event, we have yet to have one incident of anyone getting hassled, ridiculed, refused service, substandard service, etc. This year it almost seemed like the reverse was true, the service we received was superb, from both places that are known for being t-friendly, and those not known as such.

I remember particularly the excellent service we received at the Keys, a rather new piano lounge east of the Strip on Sahara. Also the maitre'd staff at Debbie Reynolds was very cordial and enthusiastic, as well as the waitstaff at the Imperial Palace, who had to put up with us several times. :)

Good Times

We started off in style, with excellent turnout and enthusiasm at our Friday evening get-together at the Goodtimes Lounge, a neighborhood bar on Tropicana next door to the Liberace Museum. The only downside was that running Annie's Airport Taxi Service caused me to miss a good portion of the event, but again, I enjoyed the trips to the airport to meet those coming in, so I've got no major complaints. :)
Good Times Good Times

Saturday afternoon was every girl's play time -- SHOPPING !!!!

Denise at Belz Annie at Belz

Yes! We first visited the Belz Outlet Mall toward the south end of town. Everybody kinda scattered to the winds for a few hours, agreeing to meet at the entrance at a particular time. Not a single uncomfortable incident was reported. Keep in mind that this was in, uh,"broad" daylight, on a Saturday afternoon, the busiest shopping day of the week, in a congested suburban mall.
Melissa Shopping Melissa Shopping

Next we visited a rather unusual "mall" of sorts, the Fabulous Indoor Swap Meet. If you haven't seen this, it is the ultimate of flea markets. It's the exact opposite of such things as Forum Shops and Fashion Show Mall. Again, no incidents, and everybody blended in so well, I had trouble finding everybody when it was time to move on.

Deb Melissa and Densie Annie eating Peeps Denise and Melissa

Saturday's highlight was the Kenny Kerr show at the Debbie Reynolds Hotel. This is the longest running impersonation show in Las Vegas, having originated at the Silver Slipper years ago. We filled two of the large wrap-around booths in the showroom, and none of the "civilians"in the audience appeared to pay that much attention.

Debbie Reynolds Kenny Kerr

The showroom staff was quite cordial, and immediately escorted our group to two of the large front-center wrap-around booths that are normally reserved for the high rollers, after accepting our generous "gratuity", of course. :) (Hey, our girls are too good for those cheesy tables!!! :)

After the show, one of the local ladies suggested that we try a rather new lounge, the Keys, on Sahara just west of Maryland. Thanks, Robin, that's a very nice place. They even gave Margeth a complimentary cold bath.

Keys Melissa Andrea

This is a classy piano lounge which serves great drinks, great food, and great entertainment. They had a pianist and vocalist who did mostly Broadway tunes and some Tin Pan Alley standards. Yes, Melissa was in heaven!

After we were there for an hour or so, the owner came over, introduced himself, and asked us if we would pass the word that ladies of all genetic backgrounds are most welcome. He said that if there was anything he could do, just ask. Margeth asked for another cold bath. We ended up returning to the Keys every night for drinks and late-night breakfast. I asked them to play "Memory" from "Cats". (Midnite, and the kitties are sleeping ... :)

Post-Galiano Keys

I had quite a good time that night, in fact I had too much of a good time. :) Next time I should watch what people put in my glass. :)

Bibi :( bibi {sniff} (Uh, can't ya just phone in sick tomorrow?)
Best Dam Tour

The highlight of Sunday afternoon was the Best Dam Tour I have ever been on!! Thanks to De^H^HBob for making this happen.


We followed this with a drive-by of the infamous 7-11. {ducking}

Sunday evening was La Cage, starring Frank Marino as Joan Rivers at the Riviera. Frank's voice was a bit off, having recently had some dental work, but the show was very much enjoyable. Again, the staff was cordial to the max.

Riviera Facade La Cage
Most of the group agreed that they liked the Kenny Kerr show better than La Cage, this time, that is. I guess we'll have to take another poll next year. :)
Margeth Melissa at Shoe Shop Shoe Shop
Monday was kind of a laid-back day, we had breakfast at Harrah's, went shopping, went to see the Stratosphere (I waited on terra firma), did some gaming, and ended up at Keys that night. (Who Ya Gonna Call ??)
Tuesday {sniff} was bibi {sniff}, as Annie's Taxi Service was again called into play.
Wow, Diva Las Vegas 1998 is gonna be a very hard act to follow! In my mind, it totally eclipsed DLV '97 and Fall Harvest as Jupiter would eclipse Pluto. It's been one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I'm happy not only for the fun I had, but also for the joy that I saw in the others.

We came together from across the country, and this year, literally, from around the world. We came together to celebrate life, and to enjoy each other's company.

Sometimes the magic of the moment was so intense it was overwhelming. To meet those who previously had only been bits and bytes flashing across a computer screen, to renew old friendships, to be accepted for who we are, what we are, as we are, in the real world, as part of society, what more could a girl want or need?

However, on Monday, there were two things that touched me in a way that gave me the warmest, fuzziest feeling I've felt in a long time.

The first was Monday afternoon when I (we) were saying goodbye to one of our most-traveled sisters. She took my hand and said "Annie, thank you, my life will never be the same." Of course I responded with a typical Anniebot macro smartass answer, but I was so deeply touched, I did not know what to say. As I turned from the Imperial Palace parking lot onto Las Vegas Blvd, I lost it right there. I cried like a baby almost all the way to the Stardust, but I felt so good, to know that what we had done something to help someone start to come out and be all she could be, and will be. It made me think of some of the meaning of what we did over the weekend, other than the obvious things like partying and enjoying life.

"We must be doing something right!!"

The second was the surprise I received when I got back to my room late Monday night, actually Tuesday morning, following Yet Another late nite at the Keys Lounge. (No, it's not what you're thinking -- jeez, what minds!! :) Ask me in person if you're that curious. :)

Same Time Next Year !!!

There was no dissention! Everybody wants this to happen again. Let's plan on the weekend after Networld/Interop as we have before.

We did have a few suggestions for next year:


annie :)

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