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FAQ entry 13.06:

What is the legal status regarding public restrooms in the Las Vegas area?

Disclaimer: The author of this section is neither an attorney nor a sworn law enforcement officer, but has consulted with a licensed attorney on this particular topic. Said consultation was in-office, on the clock, and was "legal advise" in the strict sense.

Nevada Senate Bill 311, signed into law in May, 2011, prohibits discrimination in public accommodations on the basis of gender identity or expression. As of June, 2021, no authoritative legal opinions have been heard regarding the effects of this law on the use of public gendered restrooms. This law took effect October 1, 2011.

Some members of the LGBT community consider the above law to be a "Free Pass" to use the gender-designated facility of choice.

Some property managers, however, believe that if they offer some facilities, any facilities, available to all, they are within the letter of the law.

In the past, a rather extensive search of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Clark County Code, and Las Vegas Municipal Code revealed no general prohibitions regarding the use of gendered restrooms in most public and private facilities in the Las Vegas area. One attendee's conversation with a Las Vegas Metro Police officer confirmed this.

The conclusion of the legal opinion was along the line of the use of any property, including a restroom, is "at will" of the management and they can, legally, restrict one's usage of such as long as they do not violate applicable statutes or regulations in the process.

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