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FAQ entry 11.12:

Who, exactly, is in charge of Diva Las Vegas? Who really calls the shots?

The highest level of decision-making within Diva Las Vegas falls upon the Diva Las Vegas Organizers' Group, often abbreviated DLVORG. DLVORG is comprised of those who have stepped forward and volunteered to coordinate and implement the various activities that make up the DLV event as a whole. The DLVORG members who are of voting status are those who are on record as coordinating or assisting with at least one DLV activity during at least one of the previous two DLV events.

In other words, it's those who do the work who make the decisions. That's the way it should be.

Certain administrative positions within DLVORG are recognized:

  1. Project Manager
  2. Corresponding Secretary
  3. Systems Administrator
  4. Big Sister Coordinator

Project Manager is a rotational position. This person or team oversees the planning of the next annual DLV event and chairs the DLVORG group. Other positions are elected by DLVORG upon their vacancy, and the duties should be obvious from their titles.

An Administrative Committee, a subgroup of DLVORG, handles any business which is not directly related to an activity. This consists of the named administrative individuals above plus two at-large elected members.

The "minutes" of DLVORG, actually the mailing list archives, are open to the public. They are posted in plain sight on this web site. If you look for them, you will find them. :)

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