LOGO Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ entry 10.15:

I tried to join your mailing list but I got no response. What's going on?

We've seen cases where our mailings are improperly classified as spam by some spam filters, and rejected or filed in a junk mail folder. Our mailings will have unsubscribe instructions, which will have similar verbiage to the so-called removal instructions contained in many spam messages, and this will trigger some spam filters.

Each mailing we make typically results in a number of failures for reasons such as "mailbox full", "over quota", etc.

If you're not receiving our mailings, check your mail configuration to be sure you're not rejecting our mail or classifying it as spam, and that you are keeping your mailbox within your size quota.

If after repeated attempts to join the list with no mail reception, please consider trying the following:

If it's been a while since you've tried to join, or since you received anything, you may have to re-join the list since we regularly purge our list of undeliverable addresses.

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