LOGO Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ entry 10.01:

What's the story with the new "divalas.vegas" domain?

The "vegas" top-level domain was created a few years ago and we now use the domain divalas.vegas (no "www.", no ".com" just "divalas.vegas") as our primary Internet domain.

The phase-in process to the divalas.vegas domain is mostly complete as of this writing although there are some functions (such as the Forum) that may still be on the previously-used domains.

Most previously-used email addresses and web URLs will continue to work as expected for the foreseeable future.

Most "Deep links" to such things as photos, documents, etc. on our web site should continue to work indefinitely.

If you have any difficulty using the new divalas.vegas domain, please email tech@divalas.vegas and we will assist you.

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