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Category 9: Big Sisters

What is the Big Sister Program?

In 2001 we established the DLV Big Sister Program to make attending our event easier for those who are a bit shy, new to public exposure, or unsure about attending our event for almost any reason.

Big Sisters are DLV volunteers who have expressed the desire to help those who are new or unsure. They are matched one-to-one with attendees who desire the assistance of a companion and mentor.

I'm new. How do I request the assistance of a Big Sister?

There are two ways to request a Big Sister:

  1. Fill out the Big Sister Request form via the appropriate button when you register for DLV.

  2. E-mail our Big Sister Team at:

Are there any guarantees with the Big Sister program?

The Big Sister Program is a good-faith effort on all parts.

When you request a Big Sister, we'll try, in good faith, to match you with someone who will be helpful to you, but due to many real-world factors, including human nature, we are unable to make any guarantees and DLV organizers and volunteers cannot be responsible if things do not turn out to your liking.

Our Big Sister Hotline (number available in the Final Attendee Information) will be answered by a member of the Big Sister Team and this can be used during the event for any Big Sister issues.

What can I do if I don't sign up for a Big Sister but find I need one during the event?

Phone our Big Sister Hotline at any reasonable hour. One of the members of the Big Sister Team will assist you.

The number for the Big Sister Hotline will be given to all individuals who are registered for the event.

Will my Big Sister give me a ride to the DLV activities?

DLV volunteers are not required to give rides to other attendees and if they do, it's a private arrangement between driver and rider and it's not considered part of their "official duties" as DLV volunteers.

If the two of you agree upon it, yes, it can happen, but it's not guaranteed, and if it does, accept the ride only under the condition that it's at your own risk for anything unfortunate or unexpected which happens in the course of that ride.

Also please keep in mind that many DLV attendees will not be driving a vehicle during the event for any of several reasons. Such things as shared taxi rides are possible if all involved agree.

What if I get "stuck" in my hotel room or motor vehicle?

If you find that you have difficulty or anxiety leaving your hotel room or vehicle on your way to join us for a DLV activity, find a phone and give our Big Sister Hotline a call.

In most cases, we'll get a volunteer to you pronto who will walk that last mile with you.

Where do I find the number of the Big Sister Hotline?

This, and other contact phone numbers, will be sent to all registered attendees in the Final Attendee Information just prior to the event.

What can I do if I get no answer or get stuck in Voice Mail Jail on the Big Sister Hotline?

Phone any of the general DLV contact people. They will assist you as best they can.

What do I do if I want to volunteer to be a Big Sister?

The best way to volunteer is to fill out the Big Sister Volunteer form using the appropriate button on the DLV registration page.

Alternatively you may e-mail to volunteer.

What are the necessary qualifications to become a Big Sister?

The most important is the desire to help others!

It's best if you have attended DLV in the past and have a good idea of how things work at DLV, since our event is quite different than the other major TG events.

You should be willing to spend a reasonable amount of face-to-face time with your Little Sister during the event, particularly during the first few days that your Little Sister is present.

You should also be willing to correspond with your little sister by e-mail, prior to the event, if necessary.

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